Khloé Opened Up About High Risk Pregnancy And Progesterone

For the past decade on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the focus may have been on Kim, but Khloé's been able to steal the spotlight from time to time. She's been thrown in jail for drunk driving, hosted a radio show, started a cosmetics line, and endured all sorts of ups and downs (mostly downs) with former beau Lamar Odom.

Now, Khloé's got a heady story arc if there ever was one, but not one that's as juicy as Kim's nude photo sessions. This time, it's a lot more serious as it involves a child she's been carrying. Fans were expecting more followup about Khloé's new arrival, which she announced on Instagram last December, much to delight of the star, current boyfriend Tristan Thompson, and naturally, her followers. But suddenly the scandal sheet radar went blank after that virtual dispatch. Now, she's explaining why.

On a February episode of KUWTK, she revealed that her body was not producing enough progesterone, a hormone created in a woman's reproductive system that's designed to help make conception a possibility and ensure the body provides a healthy environment for the fetus until birth. She relayed the physical and emotional turmoil over having to take a double dose of daily progesterone supplements to ensure the high-risk pregnancy results in a healthy baby.


In one instance, she explained to sister Kourtney the reason for the supplements, which she has to take by injection. In another scene, Khloé was told by her physician that she would have miscarried without the treatment, then assured her that the lab readouts indicated normal progesterone levels.

That was good news for Khloé, who's expecting the baby to arrive around April 24.

On that same episode, Khloé shared another incident that had her and her family worried. In September, she was advised by her doctor not to announce she was expecting until the baby was in the second trimester stage, given the potentially precarious state of the pregnancy. But the media hounds got wind of her situation when she was in her 10th week and ran the story. That left her concerned over her privacy, especially with the potential for the pregnancy to go horribly wrong.



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