How Khloe Kardashian Deals With Pregnancy Cravings

Khloé Kardashian is nearing the end of her pregnancy, and she’s sharing all of her current pregnancy cravings. The mom-to-be is currently seven months pregnant with boyfriend and pro basketball player, Tristan Thompson.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians reality star has always envisioned being a mother, however, in past episodes of the hit reality show, she has been very open about her struggles with getting pregnant. Khloé is finally living out her dream of being pregnant, and behold, food cravings have followed suit.

The star took to Twitter this past Friday to seek advice on her cravings as the due date creeps closer and closer. Khloé shared to her social media how: “I feel like I need Spaghetti and I think I want a side of strawberries and whip cream LOL is this normal.”

Via @KhloeKardashian

Although that sounds delicious, it didn’t take too long for Khloé to change her mind! “I think I change my mind LOL I just saw these pancakes on my feed and I feel like I must have them. But I want these exact pancakes,” the star insisted.

As if the rollercoaster ride of cravings couldn’t get any wilder, she went from craving breakfast to dessert real fast. The Good American denim line creator responded to a fan saying, "Oh my god now I want a f*cking ice cream sandwich,” Same, Khlo, same!

Via @KhloeKardashian

It didn’t take too much time before the rest of Khloé’s millions of followers chimed in with some of their own pregnancy cravings. However, it seems as if Khloé is searching for advice from sister and recent mom-of-three, Kim Kardashian.

“When it comes to food, my sister Kim always has my back. She and I can chow down at all times,” Khloé wrote. Now if that doesn’t like the best way to bond with a sibling, we don’t know what is! Khloé has been seeking loads of advice on Twitter from her cravings, to baby bump information, to maternity fashion advice from both her sisters and her fans.

It seems as if Khloé is handling her pregnancy just fine, and we sure hope she gets those pancakes!

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