Khloe Shares Nickname For Daughter True

Khloe Kardashian has shared her nickname for baby True for the first time on social media, and we think that it is absolutely adorable. 

Everybody has a pet name for their baby. Usually it’s something sweet like cutie, munchkin, or shorty, but occasionally a mom will come up with something a little more unique. Khloe falls into this latter category with her nickname for True: Peanut.

Khloe spilled the beans (or peanuts) on Twitter last Wednesday on the eve of True’s one-month birthday. "I can’t believe my baby will be a month old tomorrow, she wrote. “Why does this make me happy and sad all at the same time. Thank you Jesus for my sweet peanut 💜".

Peanut isn’t a terrifically common name, but it does come up from time to time. Usually it refers to a newborn infant’s somewhat wrinkly skin resembling the mottled shell of a peanut. Thankfully that "wrinkliness" usually goes away within the first few weeks revealing the beautiful skin that only a baby can possess and the rest of us will spend our lives trying to replicate. Enjoy it while you can True!

But that’s not all we have to report on True! Tristan Thompson, True’s baby daddy, also dropped a few details on their newborn on UNINTERRUPTED's Road Trippin podcast. True is 21-inches long, has green eyes, and a "full head of hair," according to Thompson. We are getting more and more details about little "peanut" all of the time, and we are loving it!


However, Khloe was quick to point out to one Twitter user that True’s eyes may still change color by the time she’s half a year old. 

Khloe recently talked about what it’s like being a mother for the first time on Mother’s Day, saying that there wasn’t any plan for the day but that she was excited for it all the same.

"I've always loved Mother's Day and celebrating Kris Jenner, MJ and my sisters—but this year will be even more special because now I'm a mommy, too!", she wrote on her app. "As of now, there aren't any special plans (that I know of, LOL). I'm really enjoying spending quality time with True and loving just hibernating with her".

We hope that this new mom had a wonderful Mother's Day!

What are your nicknames for your little ones? Let us know in the comments!


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