Khloé Has Sole Custody According To Ohio Law

Gossip hounds have stumbled onto something more complicated than trying to keep up with the Kardashians. In this case, it's trying to make heads or tails out of any legal eagle wranglings that may surface concerning that same family.

The tort speculation game surrounds the birth of Khloé Kardashian's baby girl, True Thompson, on Thursday. More specifically, scuttlebutt has raised the question of who would have legal custody of the newborn. Although Khloé is still together with boyfriend and pro hoopster Tristan Thompson, rumors are rife over what would happen if they split in the wake of allegations that the Cleveland Cavaliers power forward cheated on his famous partner.

If that scarlet letter sticks and Khloé decides to turf the NBA star, chances are the law will be on her side. It all has to do with the fact that the baby was born in Cleveland, making any legal battles subject to Ohio state custody law, which would recognize the unmarried Kardashian as the sole and legal custodian of True. As long as Khloé continues to live in Ohio, the courts would lean in her favor, meaning that the Cavalier would have to file papers to gain parenting and visitation rights.

There is a stipulation in the law stating that another residential parent or legal custodian could step in should Khloé be mentally incompetent, but regardless of what social media trolls might say, she is legally of sound mind.


But should Kardashian decide to go back to her L.A. roots, that status might radically change. California child custody law favors joint custody if both parents agree to it. But if one parent wants sole custody, courts must consider as many discretionary options as possible before making a decision, meaning that Tristan might have a chance at sole custody, if things get ugly.

Despite the rumors, it's also been alleged that Khloé has forgiven Tristan for his philandering and additional wags are claiming that the basketball star lent his support by being in the delivery room when the birth happened.

Perhaps Khloé decided on the kid's name as a message to Tristan about what her expectations are of him.


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