If My Kid Is A Brat, It Doesn't Mean I'm Not Raising Him Right

I am teaching my children all of the right things. We teach them about being kind to other, the Golden rule, to not lie and to not use our hands for hurting. I teach my kids that character counts, and that sharing is caring. We talk a lot about how some people don't have a lot and they don't have food, homes, or clothes and so we should always give back to our community. My husband and I don't swear, we don't drink and we don't smoke. We teach out kids about how to take care of our bodies with healthy habits. We take them to church every Sunday where they learn how to be good people and learn about how they can be more like Jesus. Even though I teach my kids all of these amazing things, they still can be brats- I say that very lovingly.

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My children sometimes use their hands instead of their words. They sometimes get into trouble at school for breaking the rules. My kids have thrown fits, taken things too far, cried for no reason, and have lied to me on occasion. My kids have thrown tantrums, yelled at me, said mean things to each other and have even said mean things to other children. My kids can sometimes be very ungrateful, selfish and not very good at sharing their toys. They sometimes refuse to eat their food, cut corners when brushing their teeth and throw their wrappers on the ground even though we have told them a million times to throw their garbage away. My kids act this way because they are children, not because I am doing something wrong as a parent.

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Society is so quick to blame the parents for all of the bad in this world. When my kid does something wrong I am always to blame. My kid hit his friend with his backpack, so it must be my fault for not teaching him not to hit. My son called a kid "stupid" and that is because I taught him that mean words are okay to say. My son cried because he didn't get his way and that is because at home we let them get whatever they want. It is always my fault because I am lacking in my parenting duties.

Kids are learning how to be humans. I am trying to teach my children to be good people and to hopefully be productive citizens when they get older. We are going to hit a lot of speed bumps a long the way because that is life. It is hard being a person. It is hard to control your feelings and emotions. It is hard to not lie when you know you are going to get into trouble if you tell the truth. It is very difficult as a child to not call somebody stupid when they are doing something you don't like. We have to remember that for the most part, parents are trying really hard to raise awesome kids who are good people. If my kid does something wrong, I am sorry, we will talk to him about the situation and discipline where we see fit, but it has nothing to do with me not doing my job.

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