Kid-Friendly Film Friday: What's Showing?

Before I became a mom, I was an avid movie-goer. Well, maybe not as enthusiastic as my film-addict husband, but I enjoyed a good dinner-and-a-movie date just as much as the next person! I'll be honest and admit a few things about my self that maybe aren't so flattering.

  1. I'm kind of a movie snob. TV is where I give myself leeway to watch unsubstantial fluff. But film? Film is an art form that has given me too much richness to waste my time with cotton-candy sweetness and sappy rom-coms.
  2. Not really a fan of tidy happy endings. This isn't to say that I don't want to see some sort of joyful conclusion, but that the facade of perfection feels empty and insincere. I like messy characters because I, too, am messy. The imperfect hobbling together of a bittersweet cinematic climax feels more true to life and believable. (Ex: Wonder Woman defeats Aries but Steve Trevor dies so she can do so. She is triumphant and yet simultaneously heartbroken.)
  3. Yes, I am one of "those" people who likes to identify threads of commonality in a director's body of work.

That being said, I don't exclusively like high-art film. Like most people, I gravitate toward the "big blockbusters"; I also try to see as many Oscar-nominated films as I can. But since having kids? Yikes! Finding the time to catch a film is nigh impossible. Even if I have the time, the cost for seeing a movie triples because I'm also paying someone to watch my kids for me. Yes, I know - I need to find time to do the things that I enjoy, to remind myself I'm more than just a mom. It's great advice, advice I've shared here before. But I'm certainly not great at taking it myself.

Recently, I discovered that most theaters offer a kid-friendly matinee showing of some of the bigger family films of the season. Did you know this? While I might not be able to catch the next Kathryn Bigelow drama, I won't turn my nose up at a chance to devour a ginormous tub of buttery popcorn. Plus, my toddler can save my seat when I run to the bathroom mid-film!

As a service to all you baby mamas (and daddies!) out there, I've compiled a kid-safe list of films that the whole family can enjoy together. This isn't a complete list of what's currently showing; I tried to include films you're most likely to find in your local cinema. All films rated PG.


The cast of Smallfoot via People magazine

New in theaters, Smallfoot is the latest offering from Warner Brothers. With an all-star cast with serious comedic chops (James Corden, Channing Tatum, Danny DeVito), Smallfoot follows the story of a yeti who discovers a new type of creature with a tiny footprint - a human. Turning our fascination with "Bigfoot" on its head, Smallfoot pokes fun at adults who have given up on the magic of believing.

The House With A Clock In It's Walls

Jack Black and Cate Blanchett spook it up! via Dreamworks

Jack Black and Cate Blanchett have teamed up to bring us a seasonally-appropriate spooky favorite! When a young boy goes to live with his mysterious uncle (Black), he accidentally awakens the dead. As they rise, the strange town springs to life, revealing an underground world of witches and magic. I bet the older kids will enjoy this more than the really little ones.

Christopher Robin

Is that you, Pooh? via Walt Disney Studios

Take a step back into your own childhood with a film that gives parents a wink over their kids' heads! Christopher Robin has grown into a weary, dreary, boring old man. But don't worry! His old friend Winnie-the-Pooh has come to find him again. In a heartwarming tale sure to make you relive the joys of childhood, Christopher Robin introduces lovable Pooh to a whole new generation of movie-goers.


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