Kid-Friendly Furniture For The Whole Family

A few weeks ago we visited a friend's house and she invited us to do a running full-body flop into the huge bean bag in the corner of her living room. It was so comfortable (and fun); she shared it was the only way she could nurse both of her twins at the same time. Of course, when we got home, I promptly bumped into our bench and reminded myself that I needed to babyproof it before my kid gouged their eye out on the sharp corners.

It's a problem you don't think about until you have little kids - most furniture isn't very baby-friendly (even nursery furniture)! You might find a few exceptions in furniture that's been designed to meet the needs of families with little ones. After an afternoon of furious Googling, I found a few types of furniture that seem ideal for a busy family home. I’ve even tried some of them myself!

Fall In Love With A LoveSac

Take a flying leap into a LoveSac! Via Pinterest

That huge bean bag I mentioned? That's a LoveSac bean bag. If you haven't seen a LoveSac in-person, try to find a store or some sort of visual reference so you can appreciate the enormity. They're the size of a Mini Cooper! Honestly, they're probably bigger than a Mini Cooper. Part of what makes the LoveSac so family-friendly is the machine-washable cover! As my friend pointed, it's also out a really great nursing pillow; you can sink down into it and it can help support the baby. The LoveSac is so large, it dominates a room! You could stick a LoveSac in your kids' bedroom and you wouldn't need to worry about clutter! Maybe that's taking minimalism a bit far, but if it creates less floor space for me to have to clean up, I'm a fan. Of course, it's a huge soft cushion so there are no hard corners to bump into. No need to DIY babyproof this squishy beast! 

Store Everything In Your Ikea Trofast

Trofast even has shelf options! Via The DIY Club

The Ikea Trofast is a classic storage system loved by parents for good reason. Trofast is a cabinet unit with interchangeable drawers. You can mix or match colors of drawers and your configuration of drawer sizes. It's an awesome addition to your home because you can make use of it in nearly any room! I personally love having an IKEA Trofast system in my son's room, because it allows me to sort individual toy sets into smaller drawers. The larger drawers contain stuffed animals and more sizeable toys. Bonus: You can fully remove the drawers and carry them around as bins while you clean! This drawer system means you can quickly chuck things inside and tidy the room, keeping any mess out of sight. I also really love using Trofast in a mudroom or foyer, because each person can have a drawer with shoes and a drawer for hats and gloves. Label them for maximum organization! The flat pack system means the Trofast can fit into any home and easily disassemble to be moved elsewhere. Heads up: you might want to wrap the corners with cushioning as a babyproof safety measure.

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Build Your Own Couch With Home Reserve

Home Reserve renewable furniture fits the whole family! Via Home Reserve

I personally haven't tried Home Reserve furniture, but I know a few people who have and love it! Home Reserve is a new brand that specifically caters to families. The concept is self-designed, self-built furniture that can stand up to the messes of our everyday life. You start by choosing the shape or style of the furniture details; would you like no arms, round arms, square arms? Then you choose the configuration. You can build sectionals, couches, chairs, ottomans - the sky's the limit! Once you've designed the shape and style, you choose a fabric - many of the options are machine washable and stain resistant, which is perfect for kids and pets. After you've designed the perfect piece of furniture for your family, it comes shipped to you in flat pack boxes to assemble inside your home. Every seat is built to have under-seat storage, which might be my favorite feature! Home Reserve allows you to try their furniture before you buy it! They'll ship you a chair for you to try in your home for thirty days. But it doesn't end there; home Reserve will also provide new fabric and cushions as you like, making it "renewable". If you want to try a different look, it's a simple as buying new fabric. If your dog destroys a couch cushion, just order a new one. So much easier than buying a whole new couch!

Organize With Easy Cube Storage

Cube storage can be a bench and storage at the same time! Via Pinterest

It’s hard to find a major retailer that doesn’t carry cube storage systems! I love the flexibility of cube storage - you can use it as a display cabinet, add boxes and hide away your kid’s mess, or both! Since most cube storage units are the same dimensions, you can find boxes that fit pretty much anywhere you shop. The interchangeable nature means that you can change up your decor at a moment’s notice - just swap out the boxes for a different design or color scheme! Cube storage has many of the same benefits as the Trofast system; bins are easy to carry with you as you tidy, the cubes hide away clutter, and individual cubes can be labeled for organizational purposes. However, Ikea’s Trofast system only works with Ikea’s bins. The big upside to cube storage is that it’s ubiquitous; you can find actual units or bins to fit almost anywhere! Again, like the Trofast, you may want to consider cushioning edges and corners. Otherwise, they’re a great system to make a workable bench (one cube height) and storage area in kids’ playrooms!

It’s funny how we don’t notice certain things until they pertain directly to our situation! Before I had children, I didn’t give a thought to furniture that would function for a family. Now? Kid-friendly is the only kind of furniture I want to buy!

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Do you use cube storage or a Love Sac in your own home? Point me in the direction of more kid-friendly furniture, please! I’ve always got my eye on Twitter @pi3sugarpi3 with #KidFriendlyFurniture.

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