Woman Learns That Her "Kidney Stones" Were Actually A Full-Term Baby In Distress

For most women, pregnancy is pretty easy to spot. Between nausea, vomiting, weight gain, headaches, fatigue, sore breasts, and a missed period, it's pretty hard to miss! For some women, however, they can go up to full term not knowing that they're even pregnant. How is that possible, you ask? According to Ally Opfer, not only is it possible, but missing pregnancy symptoms is actually a pretty easy thing to do when there are logical explanations for each one of them.

In an interview with Reader's Digest, 22-year-old Ally Opfer (now 23) explains that she was in labor for 40 hours before anyone realized she was even pregnant. “The ER doctor originally thought I had kidney stones,” she tells Reader's Digest, but when the doctor did an ultrasound not only did they find no kidney stones, they found a full-term baby!

The doctors had to act fast because not only was the baby in distress, but Ally's blood pressure was through the roof (which turned out to be undiagnosed preeclampsia). Both of their lives were in danger and so the doctors had no choice but to do an emergency c-section immediately. Within 30 minutes, Ally was holding her newborn son, Oliver, utterly in shock as to what just happened.

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Reader's Digest reports that although Ally was curious about a potential pregnancy and took a test a few months in, the test results were negative so she figured that the lack of periods was normal, given her periods were always irregular. Also, with Ally's body type, she was able to mask her pregnancy well because her rib cage was large enough to hold her growing uterus instead of protruding it outwards. She gained weight but figured it was because she wasn't eating right and exercising enough.

Via Ally Opfer and Reader's Digest

Now, one year later, both Ally and Oliver are doing well as they adjust to this life together. Sources report that Ally is recovering from the preeclampsia that caused her blood pressure to spike and there has been no indication or reports that baby Oliver suffered any complications from being in utero unbeknownst. To learn more about Ally Opfer's story, check out the interview with Reader's Digest by clicking here.

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