Kids Choose Toys Over Family Trips While Parents Watch On Game Show

Parents watch as their children choose between a stuffed toy and a family vacation!

This could easily be parent’s biggest fear... well only after their child’s safety, happiness, and well being, of course! Giving a child the option to choose between a stuffy or a much-needed family vacation is nothing short of a stressful moment for parents to witness.

ITV’s What Would Your Kid Do turns that exact situation into a reality. The hilarious show asks youngsters to choose prizes, while their parents watch on in horror. The show consists of parents of five to seven-year-olds having to guess what their children will pick. If they end up guessing correctly, they gain a shot at moving forward to the finale where they can win a holiday.

In a recent episode, parents Claire and Edwin send daughter, Abigail, out in front of the camera to see what she’d end up choosing. The two parents couldn’t hide their disappointment that well when Abigail excitedly accepted a real-life “unicorn experience” along with a stuffed one over a ten-day trip to Mexico. That’s right, little Abigail went for a unicorn stuffed toy over ten days in Mexico.What do they know, really?

This wasn’t the first time parents were fuming! In previous episodes, viewers also witnessed Aurora select a plush giraffe stuffed toy over a break to beautiful Dubai. Abigail and Aurora weren’t the only ones who when went for the toys. Nathan couldn’t resist a Hot Wheels car bed and Amelia just had to have a mini 4x4 electric cars over a trip to Greece and cruising through the Caribbean.

Fans of the show are chiming in on Twitter, sharing their hilarious thoughts on the show. @LydiaCowell wrote, “What Would Your Kids Do is the funniest programme I’ve seen in ages! Some kid just picked a unicorn that she could sit on over 10 days in Cancun with her fam, I’m dying.” So are we, Lydia, so are we!

Parents are being filmed as their child makes these ridiculous decisions, and their reactions are just too good! From nervous laughter, facepalming in disappointment, or fuming with anger, these parents just couldn’t contain their emotions. As of now, only one family has been lucky enough to win a trip abroad, while the remaining five families who have participated got home with a new stuffed friend!

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