Having Kids Really Close Together Isn't As Bad As You Think

About 6 months before my husband and I got married, I had surgery on my ovaries. Right before the surgery, I was told that there was a possibility that I would wake up without ovaries and I would most likely wake up with having one removed. I had to sign a piece of paper saying that they could remove one or both of my ovaries if that was necessary.

That was a lot to take in as a 22-year-old woman. I was informed that there was a chance that I would never have children! Thankfully I was able to keep both but my ovaries were ticking time bombs. When we got married, we thought that there was a possibility that it would be difficult for us to have children, so we decided to have kids right away. Well, it wasn't hard for us to get pregnant.

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In fact, we got pregnant a month after getting married. We actually never had trouble getting pregnant. We got pregnant on the first try with each of our kids (including our two miscarriages). We had four children in 5 years. Our oldest is 5 years old and our youngest is one month old. Every one of them was planned!

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We have heard a lot of people comment about our choice to have children so close together. We have been told that it was stupid for my mental health and that we should have given more space between the children. They said that it wasn't very smart for me, my marriage, or even my children. I am here to tell you that it is really not bad at all! Yes, at one point we had three babies in diapers. Yes, we are always tired. Yes, it is physically exhausting because my children still rely on me for a lot! You know what though? Having children so close together has actually been quite amazing!

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We have never had to go back a stage. I think it would be way harder to adjust to a newborn if my child was already 6 years old or something. It would feel like I was starting all over. I also just love the fact that no matter where we go we can appeal to all of our children. I often see families struggle with finding outings that would interest all of their kids because it is hard to find an activity that entertains a 15-year-old and a 6-month-old.

It is also completely awesome that my children are all friends. Of course, there is a lot of developmental differences between each child but they can all find things that they all enjoy. They all play with action figures, play on the play structure in our backyard, play with Duplos, and even watch the same type of television shows. We never have to accommodate for huge age discrepancies.

My fourth pregnancy nearly killed me. I had a few hospital stays and two surgeries. We decided that this was our last baby. Well, it is amazing because I ripped off the bandaid. I am now officially done with pregnancies, and after this baby, I am done with newborns. It will be nice to be done with everything basically all at once. You know, people often think that our kids were unplanned. Each child was absolutely planned exactly. It is a lot of work but we love it and we wouldn't change it for a second!

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