Kids Cooking: 10 Adorable Pictures Of Kids Trying To Be Helpful In The Kitchen

Being in the kitchen can be relaxing for many people. You get to make something tasty from scratch for your whole family to enjoy. The only thing better than being in the kitchen is having your kids right there with you, helping you cook. Sometimes kids can get more food on the floor than on their plates.

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But no matter what the end result is, making happy memories will always happen when you and your family are cooking. Keep reading to see 10 adorable pictures of kids trying to be helpful in the kitchen.

10 Miss Independence

Teaching our kids to become independent is always a good thing. You want to teach your kids how to look after themselves when it comes to picking out clothes, cleaning, and making their own meals. This is a perfect shot of a young lady trying to get her own food.

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Sure, her mom probably didn’t want her to eat a whole tub of marshmallow fluff as a meal, but hey, she was able to make her own meal at such a young age! The messy face and hair say it all: she loved what she was eating.

9 A Little Messy

When you're cooking with kids, things can get a little messy. In this cute photo, you can see a dad cooking with his daughter. In the photo, this girl is trying to help her father make some pizza dough, but that requires a lot of flour.

Flour is an ingredient that can cause a huge mess since it's so light and can end up everywhere. This is how this sweet little girl ended up getting flour on her nose. Getting messy is part of the fun experience, though, and pizza night is always popular.

8 Chocolate

Kids are known for loving sweets and what's better in their eyes than a chocolate cake? Baking a cake with your parents and siblings is one of the best ways to create memories. This photo is amazing since it shows how much the kids love their chocolate cake.

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Even though mom must not be happy that they're eating the batter right out of the bowl, the look of pure joy on the little girl's face makes this photo one for the books. This one makes us think about when we were that age and licking the bowl clean, too!

7 Let Me Organize This

Many people like everything to have its own spot in the kitchen. This toy took things into his own hands and he must have thought that his parents hadn't organized the kitchen cabinets and cupboards quite right.

He doesn't seem upset that he was caught. Instead, he seems frustrated that now he has to stop reorganizing. This is so adorable.

6 Many Hands Make Light Work

The old saying that "many hands make light work" is true and the more people you have helping with a task, the faster it goes. These four siblings prove that they can do anything when they're together.

Two of the siblings are in the background of the photo, getting ingredients, and the little girl in the front is pouring something into a mixer. We love the cute baby in the front with chocolate all over her face. It's sweet to see these siblings in the kitchen, spending time together and making something tasty, along with creating memories. There's nothing better than family time in the kitchen.

5 I Can Feed Myself

Kids grow up in a blink of an eye and your little one who only drank milk is now trying to feed themselves. But handling a fork and spoon can be pretty tricky when you're little.

This is an adorable shoot of a little one as they try to feed themselves some pasta. Pasta is known for being messy to eat to start with, but trying to eat them that young can be even more of an issue. These parents must be happy that they didn’t put any pasta sauce on these noodles!

4 When You Just Want Chocolate Milk

Chocolate milk is an amazing treat that people can enjoy at any age of their lives. But when you're younger, you need to learn how to make your own. It can be tough to create this delicious treat when you're little and have such tiny hands!

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These two siblings just wanted to get their chocolate powder out so they could make their own glass of chocolate milk. They wanted to be helpful and it turned into a huge (and adorable) mess in the kitchen.

3 A Chef In The Making

Teaching your kids to cook a healthy meal at home is a skill that they're definitely going to need in life. This photo of a dad and his son is so sweet and shows how much this family time matters to both of them.

The son is very involved with making this meal as he helps his dad add some olive oil into the dish. Even though the dad is a little bit out of the picture frame, you can still see his smile. We know this is a moment that he will always look back at with love.

2 Making Memories

When a family is in the kitchen together, they're making memories as well as delicious food.

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Sometimes photos can really capture a moment in a family’s life, and this photo is a perfect example. Here you can see three generations of women in the kitchen baking cookies. We can tell that this family loves maintaining the tradition of cooking together.

1 Is This Enough Popcorn?

One of the best snacks out there is popcorn. It’s sweet and salty and perfect if you're planning on watching a movie at home (or going to the theater). When you want popcorn, putting a bag in the microwave simply isn't enough. You want to pop your own corn kernels in an air popper.

These siblings learned the hard way that popcorn can get everywhere since they made a mess on the floor. What's even cuter is that the kids are trying to clean up their own mess!

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