Kids Petition McDonald’s and Burger King To Stop Selling Plastic Toys

With the adversities of plastic being known to all, two children have taken a bold step that many adults couldn't or wouldn't. They filed a case against renowned fastfood companies McDonald’s and Burger King to stop distributing plastic toys.

Ella, 7, and Caitlin, 9- along with their mom, Rachael Wood- have started a Change.org petition calling the end of plastic toys

The petition explains, “We are Ella and Caitlin aged 9 and 7, and we’ve been learning all about the environment at school and the problem of plastic. It made us very sad to see how plastic harms wildlife and pollutes the ocean, and we want to change this. That’s why we want Burger King and McDonald’s to think of the environment and stop giving plastic toys with their kids meals."

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The petition- which has a goal of 500 000 signature- currently has over 384 000 signatures.

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These kids enjoy eating McDonald's and Burger King, but also want to decrease plastic's negative effects on the environment. They mostly play with the toys that are given with the Kids' Meal for a few minutes before being throwing away, which "harm the animal and pollute the sea." Their only plea to these companies, like the one made by U.K. Environment Minister Thérèse Coffey last year, is to eliminate the aforementioned plastic toys.

Plastic pollution is deadly- and it is estimated that by 2050, our oceans will have more plastic weight than fish. Approximately 19 billion pounds (more than 8.5 million metric tons) of plastic waste end up in our oceans every year. Many animals die because they consume these indigestible materials by mistake.

McDonald’s had already replaced plastic straws with paper- so, why can’t they think of other materials for kids’ toys? Or better yet, still give toys which children can play with more than once such as crayons?

A McDonald's spokesperson has emailed to CNBC saying that in the second half of the year, they will reduce the number of “hard plastic” toys given away. But, as of now, they aren't ready to commit to obliterating plastic toys.

The statement said, “this six-month promotional period in the U.K. will provide different options to customers, including a mixture of board games, books, and soft toys. While we cannot provide details of our Happy Meal promotions beyond the end of 2019 at this stage, we remain committed to reducing plastic across our business.”

Burger King has also confirmed that they are looking for alternative options for toys without disheartening the consumers of King Junior Meals. Their packaging will start by October, and they aim to launch it sometime next year.

Through stories and lessons, we always try to teach our kids how to stand up for good and  be able to embrace themselves against all adversities and mockery- regardless of all consequences. So these two British kids- along with their parents- genuinely deserve some serious kudos.

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