How Kids Are Reacting To Alternative Plant-Based Ice Cream

Companies are creating new flavours of plant-based ice cream, but the kids who usually go crazy for a frozen treat are not loving the change. Brands like Peakaboo ice cream are attempting to create fun, delicious flavours with hidden vegetables. Turns out, some kids are not too keen on a surprise vegetable in their scoop of ice cream.

Ice cream made from alternative ingredients has been rising in popularity recently. Those with dietary restrictions can finally enjoy the frozen treat worry-free. Whether you are lactose-intolerant or follow a vegan diet, you can buy a tub of ice cream at the store for you to enjoy. Even those on a diet can enjoy a scoop because manufacturers are now coming out with low-calorie options.

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As a kid, ice cream is a treat you look forward to. With alternative ice cream flavours now available, parents are attempting to get their kids to eat healthier by sneaking some vegetables in their dessert. Peakaboo ice cream, for example, offers flavours with hidden vegetables: vanilla with zucchini, mint chocolate chunk with spinach, strawberry with carrots, chocolate with cauliflower, and cotton candy with beets.

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The kids’ reviews have been mixed. Sometimes, the sweet flavours are enough to mask the bland vegetables underneath. Other tubs are not too sneaky with its blend of healthy and unhealthy. Becca Hoffman, a 14-year-old ice cream enthusiast, has told the Wall Street Journal that she could tell that there was something else ground up in the ice cream for some flavours. She wasn’t too keen on the strawberry with hidden carrots, but she did enjoy the cotton candy with beets.

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10-year-old ice cream-lover, Marek Hommé, made a good point as he tried ice cream made from cashew milk and bananas. He believes that ice cream isn’t supposed to be healthy, and that’s what makes it a treat. When you think of summertime fun, you don’t really imagine yourself eating light, healthy ice cream. If they’re not into the healthy ice cream craze, it’s still okay to give your kids some rich, calorie-loaded ice cream as a treat. It’s just important to teach them self-control and providing a healthy diet majority of the time.

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