Kim And Kanye Baby #3: Everything You Need To Know

In a grand attempt to forever stay in the public eye, The Kardashian Clan has devoted the year 2018 to building their empire not through typical ventures such as business, fashion, television production and perfume but through family expansion.  The next generation of Kardashians has been growing at rapid speed over the past few years with Kourtney's three kiddos and Kim's two.  Following the high profile 2017 birth of brother Rob's daughter Dream, with ex Black Chyna, the Kardashian sisters hopped on the good old baby bandwagon and put their parts to use. The famous family is welcoming THREE back to back babies in the early part of this year. Kim, Khloe and Kylie have all been rumored to be expecting, although only Kim and Khloe have confirmed that they in fact are in the family way.

Never to be outdone by her sisters, Kim West had to be the first baby batter up. The bombshell mama, her musician husband Kanye and their two children welcomed a third little bundle of joy into the world on January 5th.  While the famous family is keeping the details surrounding their newest addition's arrival pretty mum, here are fifteen things we do know about the West Family's latest accessory.

15 It's A Girl!

Kim and Kayne already have a beautiful little girl and a darling son so this third baby was really a bonus in regards to the gender.  The couple was reportedly thrilled to learn that they would be expecting another little girl to join North, 4, and Saint, 2.  The latest addition to the famous brood joined the clan on January 5th at 12:47 a.m. weighing in at a healthy seven pounds, six ounces via a surrogate carrier.  The little diva made her debut at Cedar-Sinai hospital, just like her big bro and big sis did in years prior and security was maxed out there to be sure.  Both Kim and Kayne were in the delivery room for their daughter''s birth, although Kanye reportedly stayed behind a curtain until his little girl was ready to be placed in his arms.  Kim on the other hand was totally present throughout the entire process.

14 Kim Was Front And Center In The Delivery Room

It was nearly a month into the pregnancy before Kim and Kanye allowed their surrogate to be in on their little secret. After the initial shock settled, the surrogate was thrilled at the opportunity to lend a helping uterus. Apparently she is a big Keeping Up With The Kardashians fan herself. Now, 9 months later, she would be giving birth to one of Hollywood's most famous couple. Despite several reports, Kim Kardashian was in the delivery room when her surrogate gave birth to baby #3. According to TMZ, the reality TV star was front and center at the famous Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles while hubby Kanye was behind the curtain. Kim was reportedly the first person to have skin-to-skin contact with the baby.

13 Which Name Will The Wests Choose?

Considering big sister's name is North and the West's son goes by Saint, you can be sure that Kim-ye won't be naming their littlest girl Susan, Marie or Ann.  While no name has officially been released and Kim has said in recent interviews that they really are stumped this time around, there are a few guidelines that Mommy and Papa will be sticking to when they do finally settle on a moniker.  The duo won't be choosing a "K' name, which is always what people assume considering K names are kind of a tradition in the Kardashian family.  While all of the famous sisters have names beginning with K, the next generation is currently shooting 0 for 9 when it comes to K names.  Kim told talk show host Ellen that she prefers unique names that are short and easy on the tongue, but if North had her way the baby would be named Star!  While Star probably won't make the cut, Kim and Kanye are reportedly letting little North be part of the naming process.

12 Kim Admits Surrogacy Was Harder Than Carrying

Back in November Kim told Entertainment Tonight that she found the surrogacy route far more difficult than actually being pregnant. Even though Kim had extremely difficult pregnancies, wracked with life threatening conditions, she would choose to carry her third baby if it were a possibility. Kim is nothing is not a complete control freak so for her to give up the daily control of her unborn child to a virtual stranger was one of the harder things she has had to endure. She revealed that she hadn't been prepared to feel so helpless, stressed and discouraged when her and Kanye decided to have another person carry their little one, especially since she was able to precariously carry her first two children. Mrs. West found comfort in trusting and bonding with her surrogate, but even then the process definitely took an emotional toll. All is well that ends well Kimmy K!

11 North Is Ready For Her Little Sister

Heaven knows that the Wests didn't really need to throw a baby shower for the third kid. They literally have everything one could possible need or want when it comes to babies and what they don't have they most certainly can buy. They went ahead and threw a giant bash anyhow, but it wasn't as much for the new baby as it was for big sister North. The expectant parents wanted four year old North to be as involved and secure as possible regarding the arrival of baby number three, so they allowed her to open all of the presents and enjoy the shower festivities. Kim reported that North even decided to keep all of the baby's new toys in her room for safe keeping. It looks like Little North is totally for her newest sibling which is great news considering she wasn't so thrilled when little Saint joined the brood two years prior.

10 What Do We Know About The Surrogate?

So what do we know about the woman who housed the tiny Kimye protege for nearly ten months? Well for starters we know Kim especially felt connected and bonded with her surrogate and has spoken publicly on a number of occasions about how she adores this person who is giving them such an amazing gift. This "Giver Of West" is choosing to remain anonymous for the time being, but we do know that she is of African American decent, a college grad, is married and is in her late twenties. She is supposedly from the San Diego area and is already a mama to two little boys of her own. According to reports the surrogate was able to spend a bit of time with the little famous face that had been living inside of her for ten months before the baby was whisked away to join her famous family.

9 Baby #3 Is Already Getting The Royal Treatment

While the Kardashian compound is still in it's last phase of being completed, (finally,) little baby West will still have all of the best comforts and surroundings at her new Hidden Hills abode. Kim has recently taken to her social media channels to sing the praises of her favorite baby products on the market. One of her go to goods is an Aden & Anais Serenity Star sleep gadget. She also gushed over the bubble bath by the same brand. Kim K. is a big fan of a specific nursing pillow called My Brest Friend and she let her followers know that she is obsessed with this pillow and considers it the most necessary thing in life! While Kim is wealthy beyond our wildest dreams, all of these products can be purchased by just about any run of the mill expecting mom because they are all so reasonably priced.

8 Kim's Uterus Is Closed For Business

Mama Kim announced on her hit television show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, that she and Kanye would be having another baby...but she wasn't actually preggers herself.  The infamous pair let the world know that they would be trusting their precious DNA with a hired surrogate due to Kim's horrific past pregnancies.  Kim suffered from life threatening conditions while she was pregnant with both North and Saint and although the couple desperately wanted a third baby, going through another gestation just wasn't the safest option for Kim.  She suffered from pre-eclampsia when she was expecting North and had placental accreta with both of the kids.  This last condition is especially dangerous as the placenta grows into the uterine wall and can lead to massive bleeding, organ damage and infertility!

7 The Million Dollar Baby

The littlest West didn't come cheap for the rich and famous couple, especially considering the conception of North and Saint were free! After the Wests settled on a surrogacy agency, they had to start forking over some serious dough. The pair put down a deposit of nearly seventy grand with the agency before the surrogate was even found. Following that chunk of cash mommy and daddy West paid almost fifty grand to the surrogate herself in monthly installments of 4,500 for the entire nine months! Their agreement also promised the surrogate than she would receive a five thousand dollar bonus if she birthed a second baby, (which we know she didn't,) and would be granted four grand in the event that she lost a reproductive organ. We are sure the Wests have no trouble affording this massive sum but seriously how do normal folk afford this?

6 Lucky #3 Is In Good Company

I think it is safe to say that in twenty years roughly half the population of California will be at least part Kardashian. They must be planning some kind of world take over because this is one family who has certainly prioritized reproducing at rapid speed in recent years. Little West Number Three will be in good company when she leaves the hospital and makes camp at the Wests' Hidden Hills mansion. She already has three little cousins, Mason, Penelope and Reign, from Auntie Courtney and Scott Disick to go along with brother Saint and Sister North. Uncle Rob has a one year old daughter, Dream, with his ex-fiance Blac Chyna to boot. The newest addition won't have much time allotted to her in the Kardashian Baby Spotlight though because Kim's little sister Kylie is reportedly expecting her first child anytime now and Auntie Koko will be giving birth to her first baby sometime in March. No pressure there Kendall.

5 Kim - The Helicopter Mom

Kim and Kanye have been extra cautious of their family since Kim's Paris incident, bulking up on security measures whenever possible, and these measures extended to their surrogate and her precious cargo. The pair has reportedly spent one and a half million to two million dollars making sure their bundle of love and her carrier are safe and sound. The Wests moved their surrogate into a new home in the L.A. area that is reportedly full of state-of-the-art security measures. Aside from the home in a nice, middle class neighborhood, the expecting parents have decided to staff six full time security guards to rotate round the clock and make sure the duration of gestation goes nothing but smoothly. That is the type of security you might expect for a world leader...not a Kardashian!

4 The Baby Shower Drama

Although Kim has repeatedly gushed about how close her and her surrogate are, the blessed-baby carrier wasn't given an invite to the lavish cherry blossom themed baby shower Kim threw, even though she was housing the guest of honor! Apparently the lovely surrogate, who the Wests have had nothing but glorious things to say about, was introduced to the Kardashian clan members on shower day, but didn't make an appearance at the actual event. Kim admitted that the whole shower-skip was kind of awkward. She claimed that she hadn't exactly explained the whole surrogacy thing to her young kids nor had they met their baby sister's carrier, and Kim didn't want to confuse them. I'm sure four year old North was confused enough by this point. Their means of welcoming their third child isn't exactly traditional.

3 The Gender Was Revealed On TV (Obviously)

Kim appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show for a little chat and she ended up accidentally revealing the gender of baby number three! The pair was discussing the baby shower that Kim threw for herself over the previous weekend when she used the all-telling word "sister." Oops! Mama Kim was so busy gushing over how her sweet daughter North was planning on hoarding all of the baby gifts in her room until it was time for Baby sister to come home that she forgot to take out all giveaway nouns and pronouns. Oh well. It seems that Ellen has a way of dragging secrets out of the Kardashian women anyhow. Even if Kim hadn't let us in on the gender reveal, many were already speculating that the Wests were preparing for a little lady.

2 Pretty In Pink

Normally expectant mothers have baby showers thrown for them for two reasons. First, so their friends can celebrate the newest arrival along with the new mom to be and secondly so that the new parents can score some necessities that they otherwise wouldn't have. Baby showers are typically reserved for three categories of pregnant women: women who have never had a baby, women who are expecting their first baby of a new gender, and women who have had a long lapse between pregnancies. Kim doesn't fall into any of these categories, but she cares not. She threw herself a lavish cherry blossom themed shower to help prepare for her new baby girl and invited everybody who is anybody. In fact the only person missing from the event was the surrogate herself!

1 Surrogate Super Fan?

While Kim could have stayed totally mum about her identity and let her surrogate wonder whose baby was growing inside of her for nine long months, she chose to reveal her identity and put everything out in the open. Her surrogate could not have been more excited to be a part of this baby journey because she is a huge Kim K. fan and has watched the show for years. Kim has been very open and candid about her pregnancy woes, documenting her struggles on reality television for years, so the surrogate completely knew and sympathized with the couple's journey. Kim went on record saying that while her surrogate is a fan of the show and her family, she isn't some weird super fan. Apparently she wasn't anyone to be concerned over and heaven knows that the Wests wouldn't have put up with fifty shades of crazy carrying their unborn baby.

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