Kim Sent Out A Basic Tweet To Satiate Her Fans

Kim Sent Out A Basic Tweet To Satiate Her Fans

Kim Kardashian has finally addressed her millions of screaming fans on what baby Chicago looks like.

Apparently, she looks a lot like North and Saint did at her age. Who knew?

It’s a little odd being a social media superstar when you have a child. Everyone is so used to having all access, all the time to your personal life that when you take a step back and close your doors to have a baby, people get uppity. There’s been a ton of people clamoring for a glimpse at baby Chicago (other than the one we got from Kiley’s pregnancy vid) and even a tiny sentence is like a glass of water to a man in the desert.

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That’s what we got earlier this week when Kim herself deigned to reply to a raving fan account. Well, not raving, more like asking politely for an update on Chicago, which is likely the reason why Kim responded.

"Sis how is Chi doing?? We need weekly updates,” wrote the fan account, likely being a little optimistic on the weekly updates, but being honest with their desires at least.


Kim replied with, "The sweetest! Best baby! She looks a tiny bit like North and a tiny bit like Saint but definitely her own person!"

So, genetically, she’s like North and Saint and is still her own person. Great, Kim. Real helpful there.

Quick recap: Kim had her baby not via surrogate, but by “gestational carrier”. It’s still Kim’s egg and Kanye’s sperm, but they were implanted in a still unknown gestational carrier and brought to term. Chicago was born in January with all in attendance, and Kim was the first person to hold her.

The first, and only, glimpse of Chicago we had was during Kiley’s pregnancy video posted on YouTube. The video is a message to Stormi about how her birth, but at one point Kiley visits Kim to meet her new baby. It’s fuzzy home-video footage, which you really gotta wonder about considering that family can surely afford a new camcorder (and even a relatively recent phone’s camera would be of higher quality), but it’s so far all we know about Chicago’s looks.

But don’t worry--with the genes this kid has, she’s sure to grow up gorgeous.


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