Kim Jong-Un's Sister Rumored To Be Pregnant

Spies aren't really notorious for saying much, but they might begrudgingly tell you that any gathering of intelligence concerning North Korea is hit-and-miss at best. But you can bet that the tongue-wagging over the sister of the communist country's Grand Poo-bah Kim Jong-Un has triggered the subversive intel mill into churning at high velocity.

On Wednesday and according to sources (as in media, not spy — BabyGaga apparently doesn't have the budget to cover espionage pursuits), Little Rocket Man's sibling, Kim Yo-jong, chatted with higher-ups in South Korea's government during her recent visit to the Winter Games in PyeongChang and told them she was pregnant.

South Korean officials refrained from commenting on Kim Yo-jong's remark, and as you might expect, North Koreans were equally mum about the subject. At the very least, the fact that this rumor found life outside closed doors is an Olympian feat in itself. Not even Kim Jong-Un reveals any juicy morsels about his own family.


It's gotten to the point where even the mainstream media has to take the word of Dennis Rodman, the former NBA dribbler and no stranger himself to the scandal sheets, who in 2003 claimed he met the leader, his wife, and a daughter. On top of that are surreptitious ramblings that Kim Jong-Un has two additional children, but considering he and his wife are rarely seen together, that story is also little more than speculation.

One group that's been indifferent about the rumor has been White House. When Vice President Mike Pence visited PyeongChang in time for the Olympic opening ceremonies, he was seated right in front of Kim Yo-jong and her watchful entourage and totally ignored her. And the topic's totally been avoided by whatever Tweetstorm rampage his boss, President Trump, has been on as of late.

But more observant wags have noticed a protruding belly on Kim Yo-jong's slender frame, suggesting a baby bump of sorts. If true, it would be her second child, but in political circles might not amount to anything significant. Chances are, Kim Jong-Un won't likely have any of his sister's children among the heirs to his dynasty.

And if North Korea's going to announce any impending deliveries, count on them to be more of the ballistic variety.


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