Kim Kardashian Is Planning A CBD-Themed Baby Shower

Kim Kardashian announces that her baby shower will be a CBD theme after anti-inflammatory drug.

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Kim Kardashian just announced the theme of her baby shower "CBD" and it just explains Kim's mentality before the big day. Kanye and Kim have both admitted that they aren't fully planned for their baby. They are excited for baby #4, but they are also a little bit nervous. They feel like they are not prepared to be parents to four young children.

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Therefore, Kim has decided that she is going to have a CBD baby shower. She explains that CBD is an anti-inflammatory drug. It is also a drug that can help reduce anxiety and stress. She thought that would help their current situation. Both Kanye and Kim are certainly stressed about their baby, so they want to emphasize a moment that expressed "the calm before the storm."


Kim shares that the theme is to make sure that everybody comes and it ready to be relaxed and to be zen. It is important for this to be a baby shower that is full of meditation, crystals and nice calming teas. Kim says that they are even going to probably drink a little bit. She follows it up by saying, "hey we're not pregnant." This is just going to be a very calming environment, because sometimes having a baby is stressful. Therefore, they do not want the baby shower to be stressful.

Kim is actually really excited for the baby shower. She says that since she is not pregnant it has been hard for her kids to get excited about the baby. That is something that is interesting about having a surrogate. Her kids don't get to gradually see her belly get bigger and bigger. The baby shower will be a good chance for them to start realizing that a baby is actually coming and they are soon going to have another sibling.

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