Kim Kardashian Becomes A Meghan Markle Parenting Copycat In The Hopes Of Developing A New Friendship

Ever since Kim Kardashian discovered she and Meghan Markle were expecting springtime babies, she has been trying to spark a sisterhood with the Duchess. Now that both babies have been born, Kim can’t help but keep up the royal comparison. Both mothers have a host of celebrity friends from their work in their respective industries - in fact, some are friends they have in common! Kim insists she and Kanye are very genuine people who want to spread positivity, and she sees the same passion in Meghan. But does Meghan feel the same way toward Kim? Or is Kim just trying too hard to make Meghan Markle like her?

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When Kim learned Meghan was going to be a first-time mother, she insisted that she would spoil the royal mama. The Sun reports Kim even spoke about buying Meghan diamond charms and custom jewelry! Now that both babies have arrived, has Kim followed through on her promise? We may never know. What we do know is that Kim has been copying all of Meghan’s mothering moves!

Both Babies Are “Chill”

In Archie’s big reveal to the public, Meghan Markle gushed over her new baby. She described becoming a mother as “magical”, citing the support of her husband, Prince Harry. In fact, Prince Harry held Archie as the family made their first introduction to the world. This small gesture was a nod to the couple’s equitable parenting style. When asked about Archie, Meghan bubbled over with pride.

Days later, Kim described her fourth baby as the most relaxed of all of her children. He’s an easygoing boy and well-loved by his family.

“We celebrated our baby boy about a week ago and now he’s here! He’s so perfect! Here are some pics of my CBD baby shower. I was freaking out for nothing because he is the most calm and chill of all of my babies so far and everyone loves him so much”

Hmmm...Kim might be copying Meghan here, or maybe both babies really do have calm demeanors.

Kim Wants Her Baby To Be The #RoyalBaby

Baby Archie was born in the early morning hours here in the U.S. When our morning news cycle picked up, he’d already made his way into the world! Social media was ablaze with news of the #RoyalBaby on May 6th. The Met Gala was the same day, so Kim was busy being cinched into that ridiculously tiny corset. Suddenly she noticed Twitter was blowing up, saying that the #RoyalBaby was on its way. Kim took this to mean that her surrogate was in labor! Kim tweeted that she would know if her own baby was being born.

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Did Kim make a mixup? Or was she trying to claim her own child is also royalty?

Kim Announced Baby’s Arrival Without Pictures

Kim Kardashian has a high profile - she’s arguably the most popular person on the internet! But it seems she wanted to ramp up the exclusivity factor. Royal babies are announced before any photographs are revealed. In fact, their first public photos are from that infamous in-person “showing” that royal couples do days after birth. Diana, Kate, and now Meghan have bravely faced a massive press conference merely hours postpartum with the normal empty-but-still-big stomach and postpartum bleeding. Maybe Kim wants to hype up the final reveal of her own baby’s face to try to compete with the reveal of Royal Baby Archie.

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This desperate move to befriend the Duchess makes Kim look insecure, which is extremely odd. She’s the one who has birthed two babies and is now a mother of four children. If either of the two women should feel confident about this new life in their family, it ought to be Kim! Plus, Kim can afford literally anything she wants and has no real rules on her behavior. Meghan is a classy lady, so she doesn’t want to exhibit disrespectful decorum. She’s got that special Royal Etiquette coaching that makes her look absolutely impeccable at all times. That kind of confidence and security simply can’t be bought!

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