Kim Kardashian Talks About The Touching Notes She Left For Her Late Father

Kim Kardashian recently took a trip down memory lane by sharing the old messages and letters she wrote for her father Robert Kardashian before his death in 2003.

This past Friday, the mother-of-four got sentimental with her followers. “He saved every card I wrote about him,” Kim captioned a photo, referencing her late dad. The picture showed a Father’s Day card she had given him in 2002.

Kim also gave her followers a look inside the touching card. It read, “I just want you to know how much I appreciate everything you do for me. I love working for you! I love you and happy father’s day!” Kim would’ve been 21-years old when she gave him the card. Kim went on to share another Father’s Day card. It was one that she made for him by hand while in elementary school.

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She also added that her father also left her tons of notes and messages. “My dad would always leave me notes when we lived together,” she captioned a photo on her story. One handwritten letter in the picture told Kim that “I have my pager” and “I’ll be home around 10 or 11.” Her dad signed the note, “I love you, Daddy.”

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Before the Kardashians built their empire, their father Robert was the famous one. The attorney was best known for representing his close friend O.J. Simpson while he was on trial for allegedly murdering his ex-wife and her boyfriend. O.J.’s ex-wife Nicole had been best friends with Kris Jenner. He later passed in 2003 at the age of 59-years old from esophageal cancer.

Kim recently opened up on the podcast FoodGo: OMFG about the last time she saw O.J. in person, recalling that she randomly bumped into him in Miami. “It was before he had gone to jail last situation, and Khloé and, I think me Kourtney and Khloé were in Miami in a club, and we ran into him in the VIP section,” she explained.

“But it was like behind a stage or something, I don’t even know what club it was at. We all, I think, started crying. It was emotional, I think,” she revealed.

Kim’s best friend Jonathan Cheban said that it’s hard to believe Kim’s father is portrayed in the award-winning series American Crime Story: O.J. Vs. The People. “I just watched the whole O.J., I missed the whole thing, and I just watched it, and I can’t believe your dad was such a big part of it, it was crazy,” he told Kim.

Jonathan added, “I never met your dad and for me to see that, and my connection to you, like I watched the O.J. trial, and I can’t believe I didn’t meet him. Because of him, and there’s you, and then there’s like me, and it’s like a weird…”

When Jonathan pointed out that Kim and her family rarely talk about the O.J. case, Kim simply agreed with him. “Yeah, we never really talk about it,” she said. “I never really talk about it.”

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