Kim Kardashian Imparts Her Parenting Wisdom: 'You Just Have To Wing It!'

Recently the dynamic mom of three - Chicago, 14 months, Saint, 3, and North, 5, got candid with Vogue, discussing the business of parenting and how she and husband Kanye West are preparing to evolve into a family of five - via surrogate in early May. Kim had the entire clan in tow for this influential interview - a monumental occasion to say the least.

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Her secret to parenting as she reveals to Vogue is ‘You just have to wing it’ suggesting that she has developed a healthy level of confidence, empowering her to trust her instincts. Kim had recently divulged that she and West were genuinely excited, although unprepared for the arrival of their new baby. Feeling apprehensive is par for the course - as motherhood is indicative of often spontaneous resolutions.

Kim is less impromptu when connecting with family for advice on motherhood, her sisters have become somewhat of a support group - fundamental to her life. With each sister having something diverse to offer, she is armed with solid lessons in raising her adorable, eclectic bunch. She discloses, “My sisters and I are in a group chat, always getting parenting advice.” West, 41, from the bed where he and Chicago were lounging together (during the interview) chimed in, “Uh, but they don’t get advice from me — can I get on that chat, please?”

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Kim shares that patience is undeniably key for being an effective parent. When Vogue asked Kim to share what her children have taught her, she replied precisely what is important in life - patience. And, the video game Fortnite delivers North.

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