Kim Kardashian Shares Cuddly New Photo Of Her Three Children

Kim Kardashian just shared a new photo of herself cuddling with her three adorable children.

Kardashian, 37, posted the sweet photo on her Instagram page, with the caption, "Welcome to the good life..."

Welcome to the good life...

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Kim is lying on the bed with her arm around daughter Chicago, four months. Curling up next to his baby sister is Saint, age two. And capping out the other end of this adorable lineup is North, age four, who is grinning wildly for the camera with her arm up in the air.


The caption to the photo is most likely in reference to Kim's husband, and the children's father, Kanye West. Kanye released a song in 2007 which was entitled Good Life.

The media mogul also recently posted a picture of Kanye holding baby Chi, in what appears to be an airplane seat. The infant is snuggled in the rapper's lap, while his hand holds her firmly in place.

Kardashian has made more national headlines in the last couple of weeks, due to her very public advocacy for inmate Alice Johnson.

Johnson was serving a life-sentence in prison for a non-violent drug offense. At 63-years-old, this great-grandmother had little to look forward to other than viewing her family through bars.

Kim Kardashian caught wind of the story and it clearly hit her on a very personal note. Kardashian went as far as to hire a team of her own lawyers to defend Johnson. The reality star spoke out on social media, wrote about the story publicly, and even visited the President on Johnson's behalf.

The media was not especially kind to Kardashian during this time, but naysayers were soon shut down when Kim's involvement got some real-life traction.

On Wednesday, June 6th, 2018, the White House commuted Alice Johnson's sentence. After serving more than 20 years in prison, she was released just hours after the official announcement.

Johnson publicly thanked not only the President but Kardashian, as well, going as far as to call her an "angel".

We cannot wait to see what this Kardashian sister is going to do next, and which new photos of her little ones will pop up on our timelines.

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