Kim Kardashian Admits She Photoshopped 2-Year Old Daughter Chicago Into Family’s Halloween Photo

Kim Kardashian West has admitted to the press that her daughter, Chicago, was photoshopped into the family’s Halloween photo. The star was excited about her family’s themed costumes, but not all the kids were on board with the idea. With the help of a professional photographer, everyone was part of the photo in the end.

This year, Kim decided to dress her family up as the Flintstones. Everyone had a character they could be, so there wasn’t a repeat costume: Kim as Betty, Kanye as Dino, North as Wilma, Saint as Fred, Chicago as Pebbles, and Psalm as Bamm-Bamm. Each outfit came complete with every accessory, and they even took the photos with an appropriate backdrop. The only issue, however, was Chicago and her photo.

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Kim admits that they had to photoshop Chicago into their family photo. This was because she was so afraid of Dino even though it was her dad who was inside the costume. No matter how many times it was explained to her, Chicago just couldn’t get over the fact that there was a giant purple dinosaur walking around the set. Instead of forcing her to take the picture, the photographer snapped a photo of her and edited her in after.

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While the idea was genius, the photo received many criticisms online. Chicago was photoshopped into the bottom left corner of the picture, and it seems like she’s sitting down on a beach towel. However, one can easily tell that the toddler was edited into the photo. Part of her foot is missing, and the edges around her are clearly blurred in an attempt to merge it with the family photo.

The editor could’ve done a better job with the photoshop. That being said, it’s a good thing they opted to edit Chicago in instead of forcing her to take the photo. Any toddler would be scared seeing a big purple dinosaur walking around and interacting with your family. Even though she can recognize her dad’s voice behind the mask, it must have been difficult for her to understand that it was just a costume. Hopefully in the future, Chicago doesn’t have to be edited in the annual Halloween family photo.

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