Kim Kardashian Unwillingly Revealed She Was Expecting Psalm After Getting Drunk

The Kardashians are known for keeping secrets (when they want to), but Kim didn’t have much luck when it came to keeping the news of her fourth baby on the down-low.

In a bonus clip from last season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the reality star admitted that she leaked her own baby news after having one too many drinks. During the scene, Kim revealed to her mom Kris, sister Khloe, and (basically) brother-in-law Scott Disick that she dished the news her second surrogate was pregnant while she was drunk at her family’s winter wonderland-themed Christmas party, which Kim and her husband Kanye had been hosting.

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“I told someone at Christmas Eve and I don’t remember who I told cause I was drunk,'” Kim told her family members. “Multiple people? “Are you upset?” Scott question her, to which Kim replied, “No, cause I mean, it was my fault.” She continued, “That’s why I don’t drink.” However, Kim wasn’t letting the incident ruin the happy news. She added, “I’m so excited.”

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However, Kim went on to reveal that she wasn’t always feeling so positive about her baby news. In fact, when she first realized she’d be a mom-of-four soon, her worries got the best of her. “At first I was having so much anxiety, just because I’m going to be a mom of four,” she said. To that, Scott said, “Look at your mom, she’s got 19 kids. She’s not stressed.” But Kris had a different response, as she jokingly said, “Yeah, I want to kill myself.”

Kim and Kanye went on to welcome their fourth child, son Psalm, this past May. However, this will likely be the last baby for the famous couple, as Kim recently admitted that four kids is all she can handle. "I LOVE my babies so much but 4 is all I can handle with how busy I am, and each one of my babies needs so much attention," she wrote online in response to a fan who asked if they’ll have more kids in the future.

We believe her when she says she has her hands full! While speaking to Vogue Arabia this summer, Kim discussed her kids’ various personalities. She says her firstborn child, daughter North, is exactly like her musical father. “She is so creative, expressive and has so much of your personality,” Kim revealed. “Saint, I think, has more of my personality.”

As for her youngest two children, the jury is still out on if they’re more like mom or dad. “Chi, it’s still too early to say,” Kim added. “She has a temper that we don’t have but then she’s so calm, which is just like us too. For Psalm, it’s too early to tell. Hopefully, they will have little bits of us and lots of themselves.”

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