Kim Kardashian Shares A Fourth Baby Name That She Is Considering

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West might have a name for their new baby!


Kim Kardashian and shared that her children didn't have a name until after they were born. She didn't want to name her children before she knew if the name would "fit" them and their personalities. She shares that with each of her babies her children didn't have names until 3-4 days after they are born. They just go around nameless. Once the baby is born and she is able to bond with them a little bit then she feels more comfortable naming them.

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Kim was on Jimmy Kimmel and she was discussing with Jimmy that she never has names until the baby is born. It is hard for her to name her child before being able to bond with them. She said that Kanye and her haven't had any ideas, but finally thought that "Rob" might be a good name. Rob is her brother's name and so she think it sounds really good. She said that the only problem with the name is that her kids are North, Saint and Chicago, so it might be a little weird adding Rob in there.

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Kourtney, Kim's older sister, said that it is very common for their family to not have names picked out until the baby is a couple days old. Kourtney's son, Reign, was named Preston for an entire day. They called him Preston and it just never fit. It never felt right. Kourtney said that she knew that her son's name was supposed to be Reign. It isn't unusual for a Kardashian to not know the name.

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As of right now, Kim and Kanye think that they are done after this baby. They have told people in the past that they have always wanted four children. Their ideal children would be two boys and to girls. Kim said that she grew up in a big family and so she wanted that for her children as well. She loved have a lot of siblings and wanted her kids to have siblings as well! We are all excited for little baby to be born and to figure out what they end up naming their baby!

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