Kim Kardashian Says Having A Surrogate Was Harder Than Carrying Her Own Child

Kim Kardashian West says having a surrogate was harder than carrying her own child. This is a bold statement from the mom of three who had two life-threatening pregnancies.

In a post on her app, the reality TV star opened up about the difference between carrying a child and having a surrogate. Although most of the journey to baby number three has been documented on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, this is the first time she has opened up about her surrogacy experience.

“Having a gestational carrier is definitely different, but anyone who says or thinks it's the easy way out is completely wrong. People assume it's better because you don't have to deal with the physical changes, pain, or complications with delivery. But for me it was so hard to not carry my own child, especially after I carried North and Saint," she shared with her fans.

She is talking about not having the internal bond that a woman has when she is pregnant. The bond is different when a woman does not carry a child. Kardashian West has already talked about how strong her bond is with her new bundle of joy.

However difficult it was for her to have a surrogate, as opposed to carrying her own child, the KKW Beauty mogul is eternally grateful for the experience. If she wanted more children, it was have a surrogate or risk dying. She chose option number one and now has baby Chicago West.

It is interesting that Kardashian West opened up about this experience now, as reports are already circulating that she may have another baby via surrogacy. The rumor mill is abuzz that Kim and Kanye have already talked to their surrogate about carrying baby number four, should they decide they want to expand their family again. Although she did use social media to deny the rumors, that hasn't shut them down completely.

As with everything else in her life, Kim Kardashian West has shared her surrogacy experience with her fans. Even though she was insistent on keeping her surrogate’s information private and protecting her, that has not stopped the KUWTK star from speaking out about the experience. Despite saying watching her surrogate carrying her child was hard, she admits that having the gestational carrier was very special for her family.

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