Experts Issue Warnings About Crib Safety After Kim Kardashian's Baby Post

Kim Kardashian-West's first photo of her new baby Psalm has caused experts to issue a warning about the proper way to place a baby in a crib.

The warning came from The Lullaby Trust — a non-profit charity based out of the UK — following the post. Without naming names, they wrote about concerns they had for how some celebrities promoting unsafe sleeping practices for babies.

"When it comes to sharing images of their babies, it is important for them to keep in mind that their photos might be unintentionally promoting unsafe practices or products," writes Jenny Ward, The Lullaby Trust's acting chief executive, who pointed out that five babies a week die from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). " It is vitally important that parents are aware of advice on how to sleep their baby safely, if all parents had access to this information many lives could be saved."

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Via Us Magazine

The photo indirectly getting called out was uploaded to Instagram on May 17, 2019. It shows newborn Psalm West laying swaddled in her crib surrounded by blankets. The image was sent to Kardashian via text by Kanye along with a message that reads "Beautiful Mother's Day/ With the arrival of our fourth child/ We are blessed beyond measure/ We have everything we need".

While the photo itself is adorable, parents around the world were quick to point out the dangerous nature in which Psalm was placed in the crib. According to experts, along with moms and dads, babies are supposed to sleep free of blankets and pillows until they reach one year of age. While many unaware parents might think they're just making their new bundle of joy comfortable, those items are major factors in SIDS related deaths, as they can block airflow if a baby rolls over.

The Lullaby Trust says babies should be placed flat on their backs on a firm mattress that's free from any pillows, or straps or cushioned areas. They also say it's good practice to keep the baby in the same room as the parents on a separate cot for the first six months of his or her life when it's time to sleep. Another big thing to keep in mind to reduce the risk of SIDS is to keep the baby away from smoke, and if you do that, drink, or take medication, do not co-sleep with your new one.

While we're sure Kardashian's post wasn't intentionally dangerous, this is a great opportunity to point out how parents should lay their babies to sleep. Hopefully, the mother of four learned a valuable lesson, but more importantly, we hope this "controversy" taught a few unaware parents a very important lesson.


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