Kim Kardashian's Baby Shower Is Exactly What We Wanted To See

Kim Kardashian was freaking out about having a fourth baby and she wanted to create a time where she could have a relaxation day. She decided that she was going to have a CBD baby shower that was all about being relaxed and stress-free.


A few weeks ago Kim Kardashian shared that she wanted a CBD themed baby shower. CBD is an extract from marijuana that helps with soothing, anxiety and stress. Kim shares that she has been a little stressed out by adding a fourth child to their family and so she wanted a baby shower that was relaxing and that might encourage a stress-free environment. She said that they wanted to listen to some soothing music, have soothing oils and may have a drink or two.

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Kim just had her baby shower and it did not disappoint. Her plan was to have a relaxing and stress-free baby shower and she was very successful in that goal. At Kim's shower, there was CBD everywhere and the guest even got to take some home. The guests seem to all really enjoy the relaxing environment.


Each guest got to make their own bath bag using some CBD bath salts. And she also had plenty of CBD oils that could be tested and added to the bath salts. They even had centerpieces of marijuana plants to decorate the tables.  They also laid around and had a soothing activity where they listened to soothing music, heard Kim lightly hit a gong and they all meditated together that they all called the "sound bath." Chrissy Teigen was one of the guest invited to the baby shower and she said that she really enjoyed the "sound bath."

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Kim admits to her guests that she thinks it is pretty ridiculous to have a baby shower for her fourth baby. However, she is completely freaking out and she just needs a day of relaxing. She is very scared to have another child and she has had a few anxiety attacks about the entire situation. Hopefully, the CBD baby shower helped calm Kim's nerves a little bit!

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