Kimberly Van Der Beek Admits She Almost Died During Her Miscarriage

The world heard the news Monday night on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars from contestant James Van Der Beek that their family recently suffered a great loss. On Tuesday, his wife Kimberly, took a moment to address fans and followers on Instagram in a video describing her feelings about the miscarriage of their baby who was due in April of next year.

Though she is still recovering and processing what has happened to her in such a short amount of time, she wanted to keep family, friends, and fans in the loop. In the video, the first thing she shared was that the baby was a boy. The next, was that she almost “lost [her] life” in the emergency room. She didn’t want to give more details in the video, but she said that later on she could explain what happened. The last thing she mentions is about her husband being eliminated from DWTS. With such real and raw emotion, it’s difficult to imagine the kind of strength she possesses.

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The Dawson’s Creek star has been nothing but supportive and loving towards his wife through this pregnancy. They announced the pregnancy on DWTS back in October, and everyone was over the moon excited. On that episode, he talked about how their family had experienced miscarriages before and how each has brought their family closer together. The same can be said about this one, even though this baby was farther along than their previous pregnancies.

The Van Der Beek family also hopes to “de-stigmatize” miscarriages by expressing that they can happen to anyone, even celebrities. Van Der Beek posted to Instagram earlier this week a picture of his wife snuggling with one of their daughters on a hospital bed. He wrote in the caption about how he is grateful that Kimberly is recovering, but the family is “Wrecked. Devastated. in shock.”

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It is clear to see that the Van Der Beeks are relying on each other more than ever during this difficult time. They are receiving love and support from all around. If Kimberly does share more information about the miscarriage later on, it’s safe to assume she will receive nothing less than the same support as she has this week.

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