Kim's Old Surrogate Vs. The New One: 20 Details We Didn't Know

Although Kris Jenner still may have the largest number of kids in the Kardashian-Jenner family, her daughter Kim is quickly catching up to her. Earlier this year, the news broke that Kim and her rapper husband, Kanye West, are using a surrogate for the second time in order to deliver their fourth child, which is said to be another boy.

Kim and Kanye already have their hands full with three kids. Kim went through natural pregnancies to deliver their first two children, 6-year-old North, and 3-year-old Saint. However, after pregnancy complications, the reality star was warned against natural pregnancy in the future. So, last year, the couple used a surrogate to welcome their second daughter, 1-year-old Chicago. While it feels like just yesterday the pair welcomed baby Chi, they did not delay in expanding their family again as reports say another surrogate is expecting the next Kardashian-West baby.

This time around, Kimye decided to use a different surrogate to deliver their son. Keep reading to discover the differences and similarities between Kimye’s surrogacies. The couple is doing some things differently this time around and is even more open about their experience. But the real question is: what do we think baby no. 4’s name will be?

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20 Surrogate #1: She Got Paid Over $110,000

via Heavy

One of the main things fans wondered over when it was first announced Kim and Kanye turned to surrogacy was how much she would get paid. Given how famous these two are, it seemed likely she’d be paid more than average or at least compensated for all the media attention surrounding the pregnancy.

TMZ has since reported that the couple paid their first surrogate $113,850. Payments were made in 10 installments of $4,500 (£3,500), in addition to a cool $68,850 as a deposit. It was also agreed that she would’ve been paid an additional $5,000 had she carried more than one child.

19 Surrogate #2: She’s Expecting A Baby Boy

via Celebrity Insider

Reports have now confirmed that Kimye’s second surrogate is indeed expecting another boy, which will bring the couple’s total to two girls and two boys. Evidently, Kimye’s kids were hoping for a little brother. North specifically requested another brother to keep Saint busy.

“She said to me the other day, ‘Mom … we just need to have another baby brother so that Saint can just leave me alone … so the girls can be on this side of the house and the boys can be on that side of the house,’’ Kim said on KUWTK.

“North acts like an only child at all times. I think she’s a little confused,” she added. “She’s beyond jealousy now. She’s just like, ‘It’s my world.’"

18 Surrogate #1: She Appeared On KUWTK

via Celeb Mafia

Many fans believed Kim and Kanye were going to keep their surrogate’s identity entirely private. And while her name still hasn’t been revealed to the public, that didn’t stop the couple from having her appear on the family’s reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

During an episode last year, the surrogate was shown on-camera being introduced to the Kardashian-Jenner clan for the first time following a doctor’s appointment in the area. However, her identity wasn’t entirely revealed.

"My surrogate is such a nice person, my family absolutely loves her and I'm so grateful," Kim told the cameras.

17 Surrogate #2: They May Not Be Revealing Her Identity

via Vogue

Since giving birth to Chicago, Kim and Kanye’s first surrogate’s identity has been made available to the public, including details from her name to personal details about her family.

According to Hollywood Gossip, the woman in question is named La’Reina Haynes and she’s in her thirties and already a mother of two. The famous surrogate’s face has been published in various paparazzi photos as well as during her appearance on Keeping Up.

Despite surrogate no. 1’s face being plastered all over the media, fans shouldn’t expect Kimye will do the same for their current surrogate. So far, neither her name nor many personal details have been shared to the press and, at the moment, there’s no word on whether she’ll appear on KUWTK or not.

16 Surrogate #1: Kim Was Present At The Delivery

via Youtube

When Kim and Kanye’s surrogate went into labor with Chicago, reports said that Kim was right there in the delivery room front and center. The surrogate was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre in LA and Kimye’s family doctor Dr. Paul Crane delivered the little one.

TMZ reported that Kim was present in the delivery room, although she stood behind a curtain during the actual labor. Once Chicago had been born, she came out from behind to hold her new baby. Kris Jenner and Kim’s sisters were also said to be at the hospital at the same time, though not in the actual delivery room.

15 Surrogate #2: There Was Only One Embryo Left

via People

All the way back in August 2018, Us Weekly reported that Kim and Kanye had only one embryo left and that is was a boy. Plus, they said the celeb parents were planning on having their fourth baby soon (and they were sure right).

“[They] have one last embryo left,” a source told the magazine. Another source added that they were planning on having the surrogate impregnated “soon,” adding that the couple decided not to use the same surrogate, without noting the reason why.

With that being said, this might mean this could be the last Kardashian-West pregnancy the world gets to see. Although, we're sure there are many other Kardashian-Jenner babies in our future.

14 Surrogate #1: North And Saint Didn’t Know About Her

via Us Weekly

Explaining to young children that you’re using a surrogate can be a pretty confusing topic. Kim has admitted to having difficulty explaining to her oldest kids, North and Saint, that their little sister, Chicago, was being born via surrogate let alone who the surrogate was.

As such, Kim found it difficult for the surrogate to be involved with her family, even during Chicago’s baby shower. “Of course, I would've wanted her to be there and be a part of it, but I hadn't really gone that far in explaining it to my kids yet,” the reality star explained, E Online reports. “So I have to figure that out first before they really see and then if we're celebrating, you know, her, I just want to celebrate the baby. I think I have to explain it to my kids first and figure out how I'm going to explain it to them."

13 Surrogate #2: Kim Lied About Hiring Her

via Pinterest

Last summer, the tabloids were stirring when reports began surfacing saying that Kim and Kanye had hired another surrogate and that she was already pregnant. However, at the time, Kim was quick to shut down the rumors, stating another baby wasn’t on her mind just yet.

"I don't know, I don't know, I read that, I read something...none of that was true," she in August 2018. "But I've been really open about it and talked about it on our show, so...I don't know. We start filming season 16 next week, so if I think about it more and it's gonna happen, you'll definitely see it on the show. But as of now, no."

However, now with reports that the surrogate is due in May, it’s clear that Kim would’ve already hired her and potentially begun IVF treatments by the time she said that.

12 Surrogate #1: Caitlyn Jenner Wanted To Hire Her

via Yahoo

A report from Star magazine said that Caitlyn contacted Kim’s original surrogate to see if she would carry a child for her, which didn’t sit well with her former stepdaughter.

“Kim was furious when Caitlyn reached out to her surrogate,” a source told the publication. “It’s not like there aren’t any other surrogates in the world. Kim is convinced that this is just a way of pushing her buttons, and clearly, Caitlyn is just as petty as ever.”

“Caitlyn thinks she was a bad father because she wasn’t living as a woman, her true self,” the insider continued. “She loves the idea of raising a child as the mother she has always longed to be. Now she thinks she’d be a totally different parent.”

11 Surrogate #2: Kim Can’t Remember Who She’s Told About Her

via Fortune

Kim may have been very secretive about her first experience with surrogacy (reports say the surrogate didn’t even know she was carrying Kimye’s baby), but she’s been a bit more relaxed the second time around it seems. Just this past Christmas, Kim admitted she couldn’t remember who she’s told about the pregnancy since she’s been so excited.

“[She’s due] very soon,” Kim said during an interview with Andy Cohen. “I got [so intoxicated] at our Christmas party and told people and I can’t remember who I told.” From what it sounds like, all of Kimye’s friends and family know about their exciting news. Hopefully, that means more details will be revealed to fans soon.

10 Surrogate #1: She Got A $10,000 Push Present

via E Online

Kim and Kanye were evidently so pleased with their surrogate, that they bought her a lavish $10,000 gift as a push present after she delivered Chicago.

“Kim and Kanye are giving their surrogate a stunning push present,” a source told Hollywood Life.“They’re having a ruby pendant custom designed. That’s the baby’s birthstone so it has a lot of meaning. It’s setting them back more than ten thousand, but Kim and Kanye are happy to spend the money.”

They continued, "They’re both so grateful to their surrogate and wanted to show her their appreciation. They debated on what to get her, but what woman doesn’t love jewelry?”

9 Surrogate #2: She’s Delivering In The Spring

via Popsugar

Kimye’s eldest daughter, North, was born in June, whereas her younger children are winter babies, as Saint was born in December and Chicago in January. The couple’s newest addition, however, is said to be set to arrive in the Spring. “[The baby is due] in very early May,” a source told People.

“Since they had another embryo, Kim and Kanye always knew they wanted to try and implant that embryo too,” they went on. “They hoped to work with the same gestational carrier, but it didn’t work out this time. They are working with a second carrier now that is pregnant and will give birth in the spring.”

8 Surrogate #1: She Was Allowed To Give Into Cravings

via Pinterest

Despite the long list of rules Kim and Kanye are said to have had their first surrogate follow, Kim has since revealed that she was totally fine with her surrogate giving into her cravings so she could relate to it, too.

“I straight-up told her, ‘Look, I ate doughnuts every ... day. If you want doughnuts and ice cream, go for it,” she told Elle last year. “Do whatever you feel. I’m not going to be picky like that. That’s just ridiculous.’”

“I hated being pregnant,” Kim continued. “But as much as I hated it, I still wished I could have done it on my own. The control is hard at the beginning. Once you let that go, it’s the best experience. I would recommend surrogacy for anybody.”

7 Surrogate #2: They Were Worried IVF May Not Work

via Pinterest

Despite having two successful pregnancies and one successful surrogacy, Kim and Kanye were said to still nervous it wouldn’t work a fourth time around. With IVF and surrogacy there are always risks, but luckily for the couple, everything has gone smoothly with their second surrogate so far.

“[Kimye was] thrilled it [the surrogacy] has worked out,” a source told E! News last month, noting the couple was concerned there may be difficult with the surrogate’s conception. “The surrogate is well into the pregnancy. She is due in May and everything looks good.” Maybe, since this time around is going so smoothly, it’ll convince Kimye to try for baby no. 5!

6 Surrogate #1: She Had To Follow A Long List Of Rules

via Time

Some fans couldn’t believe the number of rules Kim and Kanye are said to have had for their first surrogate while she was pregnant with Chicago. While some of them were understandable, such as requiring the surrogate to abstain from substance usage or drinking, others seemed very specific.

For instance, they asked the surrogate refrain from any spa tubs or saunas, from coloring her hair for the entire 9 months, and from being near cat litter. The surrogate also had to stay away from raw fish, including sushi and was limited to one caffeinated drink per day. Would you be able to keep to such a strict list?

5 Surrogate #2: This Will Likely Be The Last Surrogate

via People

Despite Kimye having babies left and right, it sounds like the couple will finally call their family complete with the birth of baby no. 4. Last year, Kim told Elle magazine that she doesn’t think she could handle more than four kids.

“I don’t think I could handle more than that,” she said during her cover story for the April 2018 issue of the magazine. “My time is spread really thin. And I think it’s important that in all couples, the mom gives the husband as much attention as the kids.”

As such, fans can expect that the surrogate for baby no. 4 will likely be the final surrogate the couple hires to expand their family.

4 Surrogate #1: She Wasn’t Invited To The Baby Shower

via Glamour

We’ve already mentioned that Kim has admitted to having trouble explaining to her older children that their family was using a surrogate, and that’s why she chose not to include the surrogate in her baby shower for Chicago.

Kim had planned an elaborate cherry blossom-themed party for the event, but some fans were offended that she hadn’t invited the surrogate, given that she was doing the physical labor (literally).

"I, um, I did not [invite the surrogate]," Kim later said of her decision, E Online reports. "I did introduce her to my family. I introduced her to my family earlier that day. And, you know, I just thought, I don't know, it was like a weird decision to have to make.

3 Surrogate #2: Kim Has Already Started Planning The Baby Shower

via People

The Kardashian-Jenners are known for throwing elaborate events, especially when it comes to birthday parties for their kids. So, with the impending arrival of Kimye’s newest little boy, fans are expecting the couple to go all-out with their baby shower. But just don’t expect the surrogate to be there!

According to Daily Mail, Kim has already begun planning the baby shower for her fourth baby. However, the jury remains out on whether she’ll invite her surrogate this time or opt not to. Given that she chose not to the first time, we’re thinking she’ll likely make the same decision this time around. Otherwise, it might seem like a diss to her first surrogate.

2 Surrogate #1: She Had A Great Relationship With Kimye

via Heavy

Many moms-to-be worry over whether they’ll get along with their surrogate if they’re using the surrogacy route- Kim Kardashian included. Now that Chicago has been here for over a year, the celeb has been open about the fact that she had a wonderful experience with her first surrogate.

"Even before Chicago was born, Kim was talking about asking the surrogate to carry her next baby," an insider told People after Chicago’s delivery. "She’s so happy with the whole process and thrilled with the surrogate.”

Back in 2017, Kim also opened up about her surrogate. "I love her," she gushed, Harper’s Bazaar reports. "I have the best relationship with my surrogate. She's so nice. She is the perfect person to do this for my family."

1 Surrogate #2: Kimye Didn’t Want A New Surrogate

via Rolling Stone

Since the news spread Kim and Kanye were using a different surrogate, many fans wanted to know the reasoning behind it. Some speculated that the couple wasn’t satisfied with their relationship with their first surrogate or perhaps they were worried the kids would become too attached if it was the same woman.

However, it’s since been revealed that the couple’s first surrogate was simply unavailable, which meant Kimye needed a new surrogate. According to E! News, their first surrogate is currently pregnant with her own child (she already had two children), so she’s likely not going to be offering her services for some time.

Sources:People, Us Weekly, Harper’s Bazaar, Hollywood Life, News IdeaTMZ, MetroRomperDaily MailEOnline.

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