10 Things We Know About Meghan Markle As A Mom

It’s not just in England where people love the royal family. So when American beauty, Meghan Markle, married Prince Harry and joined in on the royal family the world was waiting to see what would happen with the couple. Since Meghan married Prince Harry in 2018 the couple has now welcomed a beautiful baby boy, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, into the world on May 6, 2019. Though the family is private with their lives we were able to find out ten things we know about Meghan Markle as a mom. So keep reading to find out how this royal is raising her baby.

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10 They Keep Their Little One Private

Being a well-known celebrity is hard, but being a member of the royal family means that people are always going to be around you. When you have a newborn baby to think about, any mother would do what Meghan is doing. According to CheatSheet.com, Meghan Markle plans on keeping her son out of the spotlight. The family has even moved out of the busy city of London to move to the countryside to have more privacy as they raise Archie. We think this is a great idea to help Archie and his family have the one-on-one time they need.

9 Keep The Spark Alive With Your Partner

Having a newborn baby is exhausting. Babies are known for being fussy and needing attention when they are that little. HelloMagazine.com has mentioned that since having Archie, Meghan and Prince Harry are still trying to keep the romance alive between them. This is great that we see Meghan spending quality time with her husband. The couple has even been seen out recently at the premiere of Disney's The Lion King still as much in love as their engagement announcement.

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8 There Will Not Be A Lot Of Technology As Archie Gets Older

Technology is everywhere nowadays. From our smartphones to our tablets, people rely on technology for everything and kids are used to using technology younger and younger. CafeMom.com has reported that Meghan does not want her son to grow up to be addicted to technology. She doesn't want her son to start playing video games or relying on computers as other kids do. Hearing this is great since Meghan can influence many mothers all around the world to give their kids better stimulation throughout the day than letting them playing video games.

7 Raising Her Son To Be A Feminist Is A Must

Meghan Markle has been a feminist her whole life and while she had a career in Hollywood she spoken at many conferences and organizations that help empower women. So we are not surprised that Mommyish.com states that Meghan is going to raise her son to be a feminist too. Being a feminist isn’t about thinking that women are better, it’s about thinking they are equal. And raising her son, Archie, to think of women as his equal will do a lot of good in the royal family and on how people view women.

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6 She Is Hands-On

Every parent needs to come help when it comes to raising their children, and celebrity and royal families are known for having several nannies for their babies. GraziaDaily.co.uk has shown that Meghan and Prince Harry are very hands-on when it comes to taking care of Archie. Even though the royal couple can get help easily, they have even denied help since they want to bond with their little one. These are the times that you cannot get back when your little one is small, so we love that Meghan and Harry are being hands-on.

5 Raising Archie With Two Different World Views

Raising a child is difficult, you have to do your best to teach them good and bad while teaching them about the rest of the world. CafeMom.com states that since Archie has dual citizenship with the United Kingdom and the United States he is going to be able to have two different views of the world thanks to his parents. Raising your child to be able to understand people from all over is something that every parent hopes to do. But with the benefits of being a royal member of the family, Archie is going to be able to see the world and appreciate more.

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4 Archie Is Breastfeeding

Bottle feeding or using baby formula is always a hot topic in any mom group. So when GraziaDaily.co.uk mentioned that Meghan is breastfeeding Archie, several people praised her for this choice of parenting for her son. Though not every mother can breastfeed their children and it does not make that person any less of a mother, we do adore the fact that Meghan is doing this for her son. This will surely help their town bond and this choice once again proves that Meghan Markle is a feminist no matter what she does.

3 Family Is Important

Meghan Markle comes from a world where she depended on her mother. Her father has been out of the picture for a while and she does not have a close relationship with her half-siblings. So hearing that family is important for her when raising Archie is not shocking when Express.co.uk reported it. Meghan is very close to her mother and wants Archie to know his grandma and get to know his royal family as well. Family is one of the most important things in life so we praise this choice from Meghan.

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2 She Wants Her Son To Have A Normal Upbringing

When you are apart of the royal family your “normal” is very different from everyone else. Royal families are known for having maids, cooks, nannies, drivers, and everything else you can think of. But according to HelloMagazine.com, Meghan and Prince Harry want to raise their son to have a normal upbringing, or as normal an upbringing as they can. This is most likely taken from Princess Diana who wanted her boys to be normal too and even took Prince Harry and Prince William to Disney when they were younger.

1 Raising The Baby Vegan

The vegan movement is on an upward trend as more and more people are ditching animal products for a plant-based diet. The CheatSheet.com reposts that Meghan is planning on raising her son, Archie, on a plant-based vegan diet. This means that Archie will not eat meat, eggs, milk, or honey. This is a huge statement to make, but being the animal lover that Meghan is we are not surprised that she wants this for her son. And being vegan also shows Meghan’s support of the environment too!

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