Baby-Specific KonMari Tips For Netflix Moms

If the pile of "stuff" to donate by my front door didn't give it away already, let me confirm: Marie Kondo has invaded our home. Don't deny it; you've been binge-watching "Tidying Up With Marie Kondo" on Netflix just like I have. (Can we just have a moment to talk about #KonMargie? LOVE HER!) With the inspiration to tidy your home, purge your belongings, and start the New Year on a positive note, you can do anything! Don't let having a baby stop you from making huge mountains on clothing on your messy living room floor! Who needs more space and less "stuff" than parents of babies? Kondo includes some tips for tidying home with a baby or children in her hit book, The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up. 

Kids Can Help Tidy The Home

Even if they're better at untidy-ing. Via A Baby On Board

Marie Kondo has two young children, so she is sensitive to the challenges of tidying with kids in the home. Like many things, it can be easier and faster for you to do it instead of your child. But tidying up is a discipline - and it's best to teach your kids these habits from the beginning! When the toddler makes a mess, have them help clean it up. As soon as they can walk, kids can begin helping by sorting or gathering belongings. Three-year-olds can even help choose which items they'd like to keep that spark joy!

Organize Toys To Store In Your Baby's Room

Keep toys in the baby's room, not in the living room! Via Squirrels Of A Feather

Ask any parent of a toddler and they will tell you that their child's toys are threatening to take over the living room! Kondo is a huge proponent of the "everything has a home" concept in organization. Each member of the family has their own space and they can choose how to store and display their belongings within that space. This includes the children of the family! Instead of storing toys in shared living spaces, aim to keep your children's toys, clothes, and books in their own room.

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How To Fold Baby Clothes KonMari Style

Just look at all those tidy folds! Via Life Your Way

The KonMari method begins by purging clothing. After you and/or your child determine which clothes spark joy, you'll want to fold and store them neatly. Kondo has her own signature folding style, of course! Baby clothes are so small and often oddly-shaped that it can be difficult to know how to properly fold them while tidying.

Onesies: Fold in sleeves to make sides even. Next, fold bottom snap portion up - just enough to create a clean fold line at the bottom of the onesie. Then, continue folding upward in approximate thirds.

Sleepers: Again, begin by folding sleeves in toward the center of the sleeper. Bring the legs up to almost meet the shoulders, smooth and flatten any attached footies. Then, fold in thirds from bottom to top!

The goal is to create a rectangle in the center of the clothes - this rectangle becomes a filing system in your drawers! Store the clothing vertically so you can see everything at a glance and don't create messy stacks.

Use Boxes To Store Baby Clothes, Not Drawers

I'm salivating at how neat and tidy that drawer looks! Via Popsugar

Since baby clothes are so tiny, they tend to swim in a large dresser drawer. Marie recommends using boxes to file baby clothes. The smaller dimensions will keep the clothing upright and organized, and the boxes are a storage system that "brings joy", as Kondo purports. Colorful boxes can brighten a room and lift your mood, even if they're tucked neatly away in your larger drawers! Consider displaying the boxes in your child's room.

Are you going to change your life with the magic of tidying up? Or are you like me; well-intentioned but overrun by babies and toddlers? I'm proud to be a hot mess mom! I'll half-heartedly purge my clothing and the "donate" pile will sit inside the front door for six months until I finally haul it to the car. But you bet I'll be binge-watching the rest of "Tidying Up With Marie Kondo"! And with any luck, I'll be wrangling my kids into helping me tidy our home together.

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