Kourtney Kardashian's Nanny Quit After Daughter Penelope Allegedly Scratched Her Face

The Kardashians are looking for a new nanny after Penelope Disick scratched her caregiver, causing the nanny to quit.

During a recent Keeping up with the Kardashians scene, Kourtney admitted to her family that she currently doesn’t have a nanny for her kids, adding that 6-year old Penelope is to blame. “I don’t have a nanny anymore,” the mom-of-three explained. “She said P was really upset. She was putting her in the car, and she scratched her in the face. But P can be out of control. I think she almost, like, blacks out and does these wild things.”

Kim encouraged her older sister to “reach out” to the disgruntled nanny in order to apologize, explaining her own daughter North has been aggressive with her caregivers, too. “North tried to bite my nanny and said, ‘I don’t want a nanny anymore. You can go home,’ and I said, ‘You can’t fire our nanny,’” Kim explained.

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Kris Jenner then chimed in, telling her girls the situation is “much more serious” than they’re taking it. “I have six kids,” Kris explained. “Not once in my entire life did anyone ever have a complaint like this. We need to take care if this before it gets too far out of control.”

But Kourtney had a different recollection of her childhood. She disagreed with her mom, saying she and her siblings used to “slap [the] nannies, like, bam across the face.” She also admitted she doesn’t know how to discipline Penelope over the incident. “There’s nothing I can take away from [Penelope] physically that she will care about it,” Kourtney said. “Mason I can take [things] away [and] he cares. Penelope doesn’t care. Kids are different.”

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Things then really escalated when Kris’ boyfriend Corey Gamble gave his two cents. He said that he wouldn’t hesitate to use physical punishment on a child if they did something like scratch his face. However, Penelope’s father Scott Disick didn’t appreciate the comment. “Don’t ever talk about a child like that! Get the […] out of here,” Scott yelled at him. Yikes!

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Kourtney isn’t the only Kardashian sister who’s been without help recently. Kim previously admitted that her husband Kanye West is on a ‘no-help kick’ when it comes to raising their four children. Yikes!

“I can’t even begin to tell you what getting ready in the morning is like,” she said on The View earlier this month. “I do [have help] and I love everyone that has been so helpful, but my husband is on this no-help kick so I’m … like, ‘OK, then you try the morning,’ and I’ll see my daughter with hair out to here. I think he gets it a little bit.”

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