Kraft’s New ‘Salad Frosting’ Will Trick Kids Into Eating Their Vegetables

Kraft has introduced a new product that will help parents trick kids into eating more vegetables: salad frosting. Attempting to feed your kids more vegetables can be a hard task, so perhaps adding frosting to them will entice their appetites. The secret is, however, it may not be true frosting at all!

A healthy, balanced diet is essential for everyone, but kids need it even more because they’re still growing. Getting all the vital nutrients will ensure a healthy child who isn’t prone to disease or illness. The hard part is kids don’t always like eating healthy because of the usually bland-tasting food. Sometimes, you’ll even have to tempt them with dessert to get them to eat their greens. Kraft recognizes this issue, so they devised a way to make vegetables more interesting to sugar-loving children.

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Instead of simple salad dressing, Kraft came out with salad frosting. The idea is the word “frosting” is so much more enticing to a child that they will want to reach for it during meal time. However, since it’s labelled salad frosting, a parent can impose that it can only be eaten along with greens—tricking the kid into asking for some vegetables. In truth, the product is just a slim tube of ranch dressing; everything different about the product is just the marketing.

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While the tube can be a clever way into tricking a kid into eating more vegetables, there are a couple of catches to it. First, teaching a child to only want to eat vegetables when there’s ranch involved isn’t necessarily the best way to go about ingraining healthy eating. Two tablespoons of Kraft’s ranch contains 110 calories, 11 grams of fat, and 290 milligrams of sodium. Second, this trick may work on younger children, but kids who have tasted salad dressing before may know that they’re being duped. Packaging and imaginative words can only go so far.

In the end, Kraft’s salad frosting is a clever idea. Perhaps parents can make healthier versions of a salad “frosting” at home to get their kids excited about the idea of having salad for dinner. If all else fails, going back to the old ways of a dessert bribe after dinner will probably work most of the time.

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