7 Reasons Why Caitlyn Jenner Is The Worst Parent (And 7 Reasons Why Kris Is)

No other Hollywood family could match the fame of the Kardashian-Jenners. For years, these people are second to none when it comes to making their names and breaking the internet (family-wise). While most would definitely agree that their empire was established by one of the famous sisters, Kim, it wouldn’t thrive as much without the guidance of their momager, Kris Jenner.

We’ve seen it all from their reality TV shows. From “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” to its latest spin-off, “Life of Kylie” the family’s life has been a complete open book for the world to see. We’ve also seen how Kris brought up her famous children with the help of her ex-husband, Bruce Jenner now

With all these crazy reality shows, we learned that Kris had a reputation of being an unlikely traditional mother. Savvy yet ridiculously debauched, the 60-year-old mom acted more like a friend than a parent. While some of her deeds made her a fun mother, people couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow as to how she raised her children.

The same is equally true with the former patriarch. Caitlyn has been a good father, especially to her younger daughters — Kendall and Kylie — but many instances in the shows revealed what she really was as a parent to 10 children (of three different mothers, at that).

We don’t want to be all too judgmental and we know there is no perfect parent. But based on everything we’ve seen, it begs the question: which between the two Jenner parents is far worse than the other? We can’t really tell who, but we’ve scoured a few revealing moments that make them a terrible one. You’ll be the judge.

14 Caitlyn: Disses The Kardashians In Her Memoir

When Caitlyn came out a year after she finalized her divorce with Kris in 2015, it was followed by a memoir that revealed her entire journey as a woman-at-heart. At best, the memoir chronicled how she triumphed her gender dysphoria but on its sidelines, it revealed the Kardashians’ dirty little secrets.

The most involved in her low-key diss game was no other than her ex of 22 years. Understandably, it made the Kardashian kids angry as their mother was placed into a bad light by their ex-stepfather. While Kourtney has kept mum over the issue, the two younger Kardashian sisters became vocal of their resentment over Caitlyn.

In the book “Secrets Of My Life,” the K clan claimed that there were only a handful of instances Kris was commended by Caitlyn — one of which was her knack in applying a lip liner without looking at a mirror. But other than that and the rest of her compliments, the sisters said Kris was depicted as a terrible person. Kim and Khloe weren’t only the ones who shared their disappointment over Caitlyn as her diss was also frowned upon by her own daughter — Kendall!

13 Kris: Forces Her Kids To Bare It All

We’ve seen Kim Kardashian in her barest glory but in spite of this, there were also instances that she felt she had to decline a stint. Unfortunately, turning down isn’t allowable for the momager — especially if it pays good enough! Word has it that Kris forced Kim one time in posing for Playboy even though her daughter extremely uncomfortable with it.

While it’s a great thing to encourage kids and introduce them to a variety of experience, a parent forcing her daughter to explore these risqué opportunities is just downright uncalled for. Kris has been too loose on her kids that each of them has their own share of nudes (or nearly nudes) up for public consumption.

Despite all the instances her children have been scantily clad, the momager claimed that she still cringes at the sight of her kids stripped to the buff.

12 Caitlyn: Her Business Partners Knew Before The Kids

What made Khloe fume more was the fact that Caitlyn’s friends in the show business knew more about her upcoming transition. In a tell-all interview, Khloe said that they knew nothing about Bruce’s revelation until his business partners mentioned about a reality show featuring him coming out of the closet.

Khloe also pointed an instance when Caitlyn only wanted to talk about her transition when the cameras are on. While Caitlyn agreed with a private moment with her step-daughters, Khloe recalled her step-father never confirmed about her transition — only said her soul was genuinely woman. The entire Kardashian-Jenner family eventually confirmed everything after Caitlyn taped her Diane Sawyer interview.

The blonde bombshell also recalled one time during her teenage years that she caught Bruce with a bag of wigs and makeup in his closet. Confused, 13-year-old Khloe told her mom and step-father about her discovery but Bruce only accused her of making everything up.

11 Kris: Accused Of Leaking Her Daughter's Infamous Tape

The Kardashians have always been labeled as thirsty for fame and this undoubtedly was fostered by their mother. Kris loves the spotlight and will do everything to make it seem like they’re someone to keep up with.

Unfortunately, the same attitude was already adapted by most of her children. They love flashing their extravagant lives and getting involved in one Hollywood scandal after another. Some sources have it that the matriarch was even the one behind the famous tape where Kim and the rest of the klan were catapulted to fame. After the leak, Kim walked away with over 5 million and Kris was rumored to have made the deal. Hmmmm.

The rest, as we all know, is history. We may never discover the truth regarding this rumor but it isn’t far from the truth, especially knowing how the momager hustles.

10 Caitlyn: Her Own Son Admits She's A Bad Parent

It isn’t a secret that Bruce had a lackadaisical relationship with his older children compared to the younger ones. This, unfortunately, has been vouched by no less than his son, Brody.

During an episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” Bruce’s second son with Linda Thompson admitted that the sportsman wasn’t a good father to him. Brody was ready to confront and talk it down with Bruce as he saw he wasn’t getting the same treatment with Kylie and Kendall.

However, his father brushed him off and said that “it wasn’t a good time” to talk then. After the episode, Brody’s mom said in a tweet that she admires her son for his honesty and that “there is too much hypocrisy in the world.”

9 Kris - Bashes Her Children's Appearances

If there’s one thing Kris couldn’t really tolerate, it’s not looking profitable enough for the camera. The momager has harshly spoken several times against her children especially when it comes to their physical appearance.

Growing up, Khloe had always been the thick kid among the sisters and this is what made her feel kind of isolated in the family. In fact, as Khloe confronted her mom about having favorites, she also jabbed her mom of how she criticized her for being too pale and tall. “All you do is hate on me,” Khloe said to Kris. “You hate on how tall I am, how pale I am, how blonde I am and then Kim dyes her hair blonde and all of a sudden it’s like the best thing in the world.”

Kris’ only boy, Robert Jr., has been humiliated by her mother as well. In fact, the sock maven was fat-shamed years back by Kris and it has been thought that the matriarch was the reason for his hiatus in the reality show.

8 Caitlyn: Wanted Her First Wife To Get An Abortion

The former Olympian once didn’t want her eldest daughter, Cassandra, and was firm on having her aborted. Luckily, Cassandra’s mother and Bruce’s first wife, Chrystie Crownover, continued to have her despite Bruce’s harsh request.

Bruce first dished the revelation in a Playboy magazine feature back in the 80s. He admitted that his very first reaction was he “didn’t want it” when he learned Chrystie was pregnant with their second-born. Christie and Bruce were then finalizing their divorce when Cassandra was conceived, which explained Bruce’s decision to have his child aborted.

According to Caitlyn’s now 36-year-old daughter, she didn’t even know that her father wasn’t present during her birth. For 13 years, Cassandra wasn’t also aware of her father’s decision to have her aborted.

7 Kris: Kim And Kendall Are Her Favorites

Kim (a.k.a Kardashian cash cow) is arguably the most iconic among the Kardashian sisters and this explains why she may have been Kris’ favorite. She has also been the family’s ticket to fame — and all of the sisters know how Kim takes pride in it — as she claims she has bought everyone their careers.

In a “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” episode, Kris took a lie detector test and was asked if her favorite child is Kim. Without hesitations, she answered yes and truthfully, the machine agreed she was telling the truth. Khloe has went on to say that she comes after Kim and Kourtney. Ouch.

It's also been said that Kendall is Kris' new favorite child, with rumors circulating that Kylie felt invisible next to her big sister. Kendall has made a name for herself in the modelling world, walking the catwalk for top designers around the globe. There's no doubt Kendall is the up-and-coming favorite - just check Kris' Instagram (it's all Kendall).

6 Caitlyn: Chooses Fame Over Her Family

Caitlyn and Kris may have been over when the former transitioned but that shouldn't be a reason to throw her relationship with her step-kids out of the window. The Kardashian children practically grew up with Bruce as a father and it hurt them so much when they learned her transition as if they were outsiders.

Having said that, it made Khloe accuse Caitlyn of being selfish, particularly because Caitlyn only thought of her interest when she first told everything to her TV show producers.

As for Kim, she revealed during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres that she was appalled of Caitlyn’s move regarding her memoir. She said that she wishes her the best but not to the expense of her family — something which Caitlyn had already compromised in the release of her memoir.

5 Kris: The Cameras Are Not Allowed To Stop Rolling

Being the manager of her entire family, it’s Kris’ job to scour for opportunities even if these are inappropriate for her children’s age. For the longest time, Kris is believed to be extremely exploitative of her children but she consistently denies the accusation.

Also, there were a handful of circumstances that should’ve been kept private but were instead filmed for the family’s reality show. One example of which was Lamar Odom’s — Khloe’s ex-husband — drug overdose in 2015. Many have cried foul over the family’s exploitation of Odom when he was in his weakest state. A lot of people also believed that he wouldn’t really be too depressed to overdose himself on drugs if he hadn’t been acquainted with the Kardashians.

Upon learning about Odom’s overdose, word has it that Kris and her two kids flew to Nevada with cameras in tow. It’s safe to say the kids have learned a lot from their dearest mother.

4 Caitlyn: Cold As Ice With Her Kids

When the 67-year-old father changed into Caitlyn Jenner, she revealed that she and her kids have been distant. During the 20/20 interview with Diane Sawyer, Caitlyn said that her relationship with her children, particularly the Kardashians, suddenly went cold as ice.

Also according to Caitlyn, some of them reached out to her but a few haven’t. She wondered if the problem was because of her transition but it apparently, the scenario happened a few times before. In fact, it occurred to her very own children — Cassandra, Burt, Brandon, and Brody.

Caitlyn admitted that she wasn’t a present father to his four elder children starting in the 1980s. The former Olympian explained that during these years — when his four children were still at their growing age — she was struggling with her gender, hence, her disappearance.

3 Kris: Dubbed A "Controlling Monster"

Caitlyn’s 91-year-old mother kept her judgments against Kris to herself until the pair separated in 2015. And when Bruce told her mom, Esther, that he was finally divorcing his wife of two decades, all the Jenner matriarch could say is “hallelujah.”

For 22 years, Esther hasn’t been a huge fan of Kris, especially how she dealt with her responsibilities as a mom and wife. She said that Kris was a “controlling monster” wife and that when she learned about their separation, she was “ecstatically happy” about it.

Esther dropped so many bombs about the K clan when she was interviewed in 2014. She added that Kris was too domineering not just with her kids, but also with her former husband as she controlled his entire earnings. Bruce even had to seek Kris’ permission in letting him buy a toy helicopter for himself!

2 Caitlyn: Repeatedly lied To Her Family

Following her controversial transition, Caitlyn’s step-daughter Khloe had issues accepting her step-father’s true identity. It was a tumultuous time for the kids as they were still adjusting from their parents' separation when Caitlyn revealed her real gender.

To make things worse, Khloe said what resented her more about Caitlyn was that she lied to her entire family about her true colors. As tabloids already knew that Bruce might have already changed his gender, Khloe said he continued to dismiss everything as rumors.

Khloe further explained that she wasn’t mad for Bruce’s transitioning. She was just concerned of how she kept things from her family as if they wouldn't accept Caitlyn for who she is. The 32-year-old reality star even said that her family was betrayed by her step-father.

1 Kris: Exploits Her Kids For Dollar Bills

Now that we’re done with some of Caitlyn’s dirty parenting issues, it’s now time to look into the Kardashian matriarch. Of course, the very first thing that comes across when we’re talking about Kris as a parent is this — she has diabolically monetized so much from her brood.

No doubt, the momager has some serious marketing acumen. She’s been doing her business so well that she’s more of a manager than a mom. Whatever it takes, she makes sure that her kids will be out there — set up for gigs, interviews, promotions etc. — where she can earn hundreds of grands.

Some of her kids’ stints have even crossed the line (for other parents) yet she has green-lighted all of it for the love of money.

And let's not forget what led the Kardasians to their multi-million dollar brand -  Kim K's sex tape. Rumor has it Kris had a direct hand in the tape's distribution, with Kim K walking away with over 5 million after the leak. Hmmmmm.

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