Kristen Bell Rushed 4-Year Old To ER After She Stuck Jewellery Up Nose

Most parents of toddlers have had to make a trip to the Emergency Room at least once, given how reckless kids that age can be. And actress Kristen Bell is no exception!

She recently revealed via social media that she and her husband, Dax Shepherd, had a stressful time after their youngest daughter shoved a piece of jewellery up her nose. Once the celebrity realized what 4-year old Delta had done, Bell loaded everyone into the car and headed to the ER.

“Right before this photo was taken my youngest daughter shoved a jewel up her nose up to her brain and we jumped in the car headed to the emergency room,” the Good Place actress wrote on her Instagram story. However, the mom-of-two didn’t need to go to the ER in the end. Bell went on to reveal the kiddo managed to get the piece out of her nose while they were driving in the car. “On the way she snorted it out and we re-routed and went to @nbcthegoodplace #FYC panel instead,” she added.

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Things have sure changed for Bell and Shepherd in recent years since becoming parents. The couple became engaged in 2010 but waited until 2013 when gay marriage was legalized to officially get hitched. Their eldest daughter, 6-year old Lincoln, was born the same year, while Delta was born in 2014.

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This past March, Shepherd made headlines after he opened up to Parade magazine about what the celebrity couple’s typical weekend nights look like (hint: there’s not a lot of grown-up time!). “Nine [date nights] in the last six years,” he explained, adding they prefer to staying with their girls. “We play board games and the kids destroy the house, and that’s just a fun Sunday. We’re boring.”

It sounds like Bell and Shepherd prefer to keep things low-key when it comes to raising their young family. The parents famously don’t show photos of their daughters online, rather preferring to post pictures with their backs facing the camera or a cute emoji hiding their face. They’ve both been outspoken against paparazzi taking pictures of celebrity kids, explaining children of famous folks don’t have the option to choose when and if they’re photographed.

Still, even though they don’t share photos of their girls’ faces, Bell and Shepherd aren’t afraid to get candid about the highs and lows of parenthood- even when it involves trips to the ER (or almost, at least)!

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