Kristen Bell’s Daughters Hilariously Think She’s 63-Years Old

Kristen Bell never ceases to make fans laugh with her hilarious tales from parenting!

Most recently, the actress had a funny moment when her two daughters- 4-yar old Delta and 6-year old Lincoln- tried to guess how old she was. And yes, they were off by a couple of decades.

In a video posted to her Instagram page, the starlet asked her girls, “How old do you think I’m turning?” Kristen kept the camera on her face as her daughters answered. Delta quickly replied, “63.” The actress then asked her eldest, “How old do you think I’m turning, Link?” Lincoln replied, “89.”

Kristen then decided to see if her husband, actor Dax Shepherd, could correctly guess her age, which he surprisingly didn’t. “Okay, Dad, how old do you think I’m turning?” she asked him, though he was off-camera. “I think a safe bet, somewhere in the middle of those two guesses, so… 71?” Dax sarcastically replied while his wife burst out laughing. “Is that right?” The actress then revealed, “I’m turning 39.”

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Since fans can’t get enough of Kristen’s humour, they’ll be pleased to know that we’ll be seeing a lot more of her. Well, if you have a Hulu account. The fan-favourite TV show Veronica Mars (which was later turned into a movie) is officially getting a reboot.

Although Kristen has already been confirmed to have signed on to the project, it wasn’t as easy a decision for her as one might think. Recently, the star opened up about how the thought of being gone from her kids for such long periods at a time to film was daunting.

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“I’m here a lot of hours, which means, logistically, I’m away from my kids more hours. And missing four or five bedtimes a week,” she explained to Access Hollywood. However, the star says that her girls ended up becoming the reason she accepted the job- so they’d have a strong, positive female role model to look up to.

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“When I decided to take it on I was like, you know what, now that I went back and reread the scripts and watched the show, I want my girls to have this character in their life,” Kristen continued.

“Now I see why a lot of young girls and women said, thank you for doing that show,” she said of her time on the short-lived show. “It wasn’t just because we entertained them, it was because she was a force in their life. She was an example.”

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