Kristin Bell And Dax Shepard Celebrated Independence Day With Their Gorgeous Girls

Kristin Bell and Dax Shepard both shared the same picture of their Fourth of July celebrations.

We seriously love Kristin Bell and Dax Shepard. They are so hilarious and they have the cutest family. Kristin and Dax shared an adorable picture of their family in front of the Fourth of July fireworks. Kristin shared a picture of her family enjoying Independence Day together. The picture was uploaded on Instagram of Dax, Kristin, and their two daughters looking at the fireworks in the distance that were popping up over a few volleyball nets.

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Dax and Kristin share two perfect daughters together. They have Delta who is 4 1/2 and Lincoln who is 6. Kristin captioned her post saying that she was just so grateful for so many things. The couple is always willing to share pictures of their sweet daughters, but they do a very good job of concealing their identities in most of their Instagram photos. The couple likes to keep the faces of their daughters very secret and they conceal their faces in some way in almost every picture. The girls' faces are usually covered by emojis, or the picture is of their back.

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Grateful for so many things today.

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The couple finds it very important for them to make sure that their daughters get to enjoy their lives as normally as possible. Many celebrities have the same thought process as both Bell and Shepard. Many celebrities say, "we picked this life, they didn't." It is very important for many celebrities to allow their children to be able to choose whether or not they want to be famous. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are much like Bell and Shepard. They have said many times that they don't like having their kids in the public eye too much because they don't want to force their child into the life of a celebrity.

Although we don't get to see the girls' faces very often we are grateful when we get to see special moments with their family.

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