Kristin Cavallari Wants Her Kids To Know Their Parents Are Famous (Here's Why)

Fans of Kristin Cavallari, 32, know her for one or several different things. She was on the hit reality TV shows Laguna Beach and The Hills before stepping away from that spotlight to focus on her then-growing family. But that doesn't mean she hasn't done anything; the mom of three has kept busy! She released her own cookbook; founded her clothing and jewelry line Uncommon James; and even jumped back into reality TV with her own show on E! called Very Cavallari. Her husband Jay Cutler, 36, is famous as a recently retired NFL quarterback who played for several teams (most notably with the Chicago Bears).

It's safe to say that Cavallari and Cutler are famous in their respective rights. But the happily married couple have tried hard to keep their three children- Camden, seven; Jaxon, five; and Saylor, three- from the spotlight. Yet it seems as though they can't hide their fame from them much longer.

"My daughter has no clue … but my boys do," Cavallari revealed in a recent interview. "Especially Jay, because of football. They got that when he was playing games. That’s an easier thing to understand! … They know I have a store, but if they see me on TV hosting, I don’t think they really get that. But now, older kids are starting to ask them at school about us."

via OK! Magazine


This is a situation that almost certainly happens to most, if not all celebrity parents. While you want to give them a relatively normal life, you also have to accept the fact that that's not entirely possible. Depending on the celebrity in question, they may see mommy or daddy on TV regularly, hear them sing on the radio, or travelling a ton due to work. Yet the child only sees them as their parent- not a celebrity that's loved and adored by fans all around the world.

When asked what her kids think of their parents being famous, Cavallari answered, "My oldest thinks it’s cool. He thinks he’s famous because of it, so I’m like, ‘Whatever. If the kids are being nice to you, if the older kids are being nice to you … use that to your advantage."

Whether you agree or disagree with Cavallari's philosophy, it appears as though her mind is made up on the matter. She wants her kids to have the best life possible despite them having famous parents. After all, they didn't ask for famous parents in the first place. But it looks like they're going to be just fine under Cavallari and Cutler's loving guidance.

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