Kristin Davis In Tears On Red Table Talk Over Her Children's Experience With Racism

Kristin Davis In Tears On Red Table Talk Over Her Children's Experience With Racism

Kristin Davis broke down in tears on Red Table Talk while discussing how her adopted children have experienced racism. The actress was invited to the popular Facebook Watch show to talk about interracial adoption with Jada Pinkett Smith and her mother Adrienne Banfield Norris, and things got pretty emotional. Kristin has adopted two children, her daughter Gemma in 2011 and a baby boy last year, and she opened up about the struggles she has come across as a mother of two African American kids. The Sex And The City actress explained that she had been thinking of adoption for a long time, but that it was at thirty-eight-years-old she finally felt a need to be a mother.

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Once she had initiated the adoption process, Kristin recalled how she felt it be racist to be checking 'no' in the part of the questionnaire focusing on what race prospective parents would like their adoptive child to be. The actress was later interviewed by a social worker who specifically asked how she planned on raising a child of a different race than hers, and once she knew she would be adopting little Gemma, who is black, Kristin started looking into online courses to prepare.

Kristin Davis In Tears On Red Table Talk Over Her Children's Experience With Racism
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As reported by ET Online, Kristin explained that there are tonnes and tonnes of courses on the topic, one being only about haircare, something which she is still working on. She would not just send off her children to a salon to get their hair braided; she wants to know precisely what is best for their skin and hair - as any parent would.

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Jada confessed she had trouble in the past with the concept of interracial adoption, believing that "black children only deserve black love", but that she has come to an understanding that "love is love". The Girls Trip actress also said that it is hard raising a black son in America these days and promised that she and her family will be a lifeline to Kristin.

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Kristin admitted that she had not fully understood white privilege before adopting little Gemma and that she met both institutionalized racism and prejudice already when her daughter was a baby. She explained that she has surrounded herself with a group of black moms and that she makes sure her kids "have access to the black community", which now includes Jada Pinkett Smith and her family too.

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