Krysten Ritter Rocks Her Baby Bump At The Oscars

Krysten Ritter announces that she is pregnant by rocking her baby bump at the 2019 Oscars.

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Jessica Jones star, Krysten Ritter attended the 2019 Oscars Awards Show with her boyfriend, Adam Granduciel. Krysten and Adam walked across the red carpet for the first time and her baby bump was plain for all to see. She was wearing a form fitting red laced gown that she obviously picked to show off her bump. She looked gorgeous. This will be her first child and she is wearing that baby bump with pride.

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After the big debut on the red carpet, Krysten would later take the stage to present the award for Best Live Action Short Film and Best Animated Short Film with Kiki Layne.  As she walked across the stage all of the viewers clearly were able to see that she was pregnant! That was the first time that many people saw her pregnant (unless they were able to catch her on the red carpet). Many of the viewers were quite shocked by her baby bump and we excited about the huge announcement. She will be such a great mom!


Ritters later confirmed what we all knew and said that she was in fact pregnant. She wrote on her Instagram with a picture of her on the red carpet and it was captioned "SURPRISE!" It was definitely a surprise that's for sure! We are so excited for her to be able to be a mom! She has had a bit of rough news in the past week and so it's amazing to have this positive moment in her life. Her show, that has now gone on for three seasons, has been canceled. Netflix has canceled many of the other Marvel shows and decided to cancel Jessica Jones as well. Thankfully this will give her the time she needs to take care of herself and her sweet little baby! Congratulations Ritters!

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