Why Kat Von D Will Be Using A Non-Traditional Midwife For Her Birth

Congratulations are in order for the former reality star and inky princess Kat Von D and her talented, musically inclined husband Leafar Seyer. The pair is expecting their first child together, a boy, and are apparently all about the midwifery way of delivery. Ms. Von D revealed to Dr. Elliot Berlin on his Informed Pregnancy podcast that visiting with traditional OBGYNs left her with nothing but millions of questions and a sense of impending fear and doom. Well, that's no good for any mama!

The non-traditional makeup mogul and tattoo artist explained that she found all of the traditional baby doctor's offices that she toured to be non-personal, and overly business oriented. At the encouragement of a close friend, and after viewing the controversial documentary The Business of Being Born, the funky parents decided to move forward and explore the world of midwifery. It was only then that the momma-to-be found her dream midwife, Sarah, and the sense of peace and serenity that she had been craving in her pregnancy journey. She claims that now she is nothing but excited about giving birth to her beautiful baby boy in the upcoming months.

The thirty-six-year-old celebrity and her musician hubby announced their impending bundle of joy via Instagram back in May of this year. The parents-to-be have already decided to give the bouncing baby boy his father's name as well as spell it backward (which is Rafael,) for the middle name. They also came under fire by critics who put the eccentric couple on blast when they announced to the world that they would be foregoing vaccinations and planned on raising their son vegan.

It seems that Kat and Leafar are nothing, if not bent on starting this parenthood journey by marching to the beat of their own drum and while many might disagree with their thoughts and views regarding pregnancy, childbirth, and parenthood, it is obvious to us that they have nothing but the best of intentions when it comes to their child. Best of luck to these cool cats as they rock right on through pregnancy and into parenthood.


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