Kylie And Khloe: 15 Things The Family Is Still Trying To Hide

Kylie and Khloé have proven just how famous they are after the world lost it’s mind when rumors spread that they were pregnant. Not even news of Kate Middleton expecting her third child has raised as much attention. Even Ryan Reynolds got on board asking the world if they knew which sister was pregnant.

Unfortunately, the Kardashian-Jenner clan is staying pretty tight-lipped about the details. Since the pregnancy rumors began swirling about the Kardashians in September 2017, Kylie has gone into hiding while her big sis Khloé finally spilled that she was actually pregnant.

And, as she’s the child of momager Kris, Khloé did it in a way that racked in six figures. In case you missed it, she shared the news as an Instagram post wearing nothing except her Calvins. And, that’s officially all that we know.

Meanwhile, the Internet is up in a storm about the tight-lipped Kardashian-Jenner clan refusing to mention anything about Kylie’s pregnancy. And, we really don’t know much about Khloé’s baby. Most likely Kris is negotiating how to reveal details about names and baby showers that will rack in a cool million for each daughter. Maybe they’re secretly filming a KUWTK special right now? Either way, fans and non-fans alike need some answers about all the things Kylie and Khloé are hiding from the world.

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15 Where Was Kylie On The Christmas Card?

This was officially the biggest question of December 25th, 2017. The Kardashians did their annual Christmas card with all of the Kardashian girls, Kendall, and the grandkids. Even Kris and her mom were on the card. However, guess who was missing? Kylie was noticeably absent and no one could answer ‘why’. Khloé appeared on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ on January 3 and stumbled over saying ‘why don’t you ask Kylie?’ It was a lame answer. It didn’t work because the Internet is still trying to figure out why the youngest of Kris Jenner’s children chose to be excluded from their annual Christmas card right at the moment that there are rumours that she might be pregnant? Since Kylie has a history of showing off her famous curves, why not strike a pose in denim and a white crop top like everyone else?

14 Why Isn’t Kylie Showing Off Her Famous Body?

Going off of that last comment, Kylie’s infamous curves were also missing from her ‘Love’ cover. The magazine chose to only show off her face. It didn’t feel very Kylie-like considering that she usually does editorials posing as ‘Playboy Barbie’. It left many eagle-eyed fans to point out that it was yet another way that Kylie is hiding her body to put off rumors that she’s pregnant. It also doesn’t help that she hasn’t even shared her infamous curves on her Instagram, which was full of bikini pics just a few months ago. Why all the secrecy Kylie? Perhaps ‘Love’ wasn’t willing to match the five-figure deal that Khloé got with Calvin Klein for announcing her pregnancy? Either way, it was another way of not confirming the rumors that left Kylie fans and Ryan Reynolds furious and confused.

13 Will Kylie Get Married?

So, if Kylie is pregnant with her boyfriend of one year, rapper Travis Scott, does that mean that they’re engaged? And, if Kylie is not pregnant is that because she wants to marry Travis first? This is yet another secret that the Kardashians are keeping. Travis hasn’t really been a presence on the show and Kylie hasn’t even given fans cute photos of the couple in the last few months. Who knew that reality stars could have cameras profile their every move and still remain so mysterious? On his part Travis has been pretty secretive as well, avoiding questions, pictures, or trolls to neither confirm or deny the rumors. If the couple is due to be married we only wonder who will be designing Kylie’s dress and if the wedding will be on the KUWTK or Kylie’s own reality TV show.

12 Will Kylie Leave KUWTK Once The Baby Comes?

Once upon a time, Kylie claimed that she wanted to get married and move out to a farm leaving her famous and highly publicized life behind. We only wonder if that was a hint at what is to come in her life. Remember, this is the girl who once wanted an entire broad of her own. And, with the revenue from her makeup line and reality show, Kylie is more than able to retire and make a family of her own out in the middle of no-where. Now that there are rumors swirling of her finally getting that life-long wish, does that mean that Kylie will leave reality TV behind? She has been noticeably absent on the show recently and fans are already speculating that Kylie is slowly saying goodbye to fame.

11 Did Kylie Have A ‘Pink’ Baby Shower?

Kim Kardashian-West already had her baby shower welcoming baby number 3. It was a star-studded event that was featured on the show and of course her Instagram. Now, fans are speculating that Kylie secretly threw a similar baby-pink splashy brunch. One source spilled to E! News that Kylie invited 30 people to her mansion for a brunch celebration. It was also said that her backyard was filled with hundreds of pink roses. Guests were treated to silk pyjamas and slippers and of course large tables of sweets. A few games were played and each guest left a note for Kylie. However, all of this is just a rumor with no photo evidence or even verification from anyone in the Kardashian-Jenner clan. Although, we bet that Kris would probably save Kylie’s baby shower for their reality show.

10 Were They Really Just Bagels?

‘I just like bagels, ok?’ It was what Kylie wrote on Twitter in defence of a picture of her in a tight dress. It was the one time that she did shut down rumors that she was pregnant. And, it was all because of a Snapchat showing her looking slightly round in the tummy. The business-mogul shot back that it was due to bagels. It’s a similar answer from other famous stars like Jennifer Anniston and Halle Berry who shot back at pregnancy rumors by stating that they were merely food-bellies. So, it’s no big deal. However, fans aren’t convinced and many people are still speculating that she is pregnant. After all, Kylie never said that she wasn’t pregnant. Some have even speculated that it’s Kylie’s way of saying that she’s eating for two, but we think that’s a stretch.

9 Tyga (Kylie’s Ex) Said It Was His Child

Snapchat really does live on forever. It happened back in September, but there are still reports that Tyga (Kylie’s ex) claimed in a Snapchat that the baby was his. Some even took a screenshot of the now deleted chat. Although, he made the statement with purple devil emojis, so maybe it was a joke. Technically, the baby could be his considering that Kylie has only been dating Travis Scott since April. Either way, it looks like the Kardashians probably had their lawyers reprimand Tyga for his bad joke and now no one is giving up answers about his little joke. Also, it’s interesting to note that the Twitter users who made the original claims that Tyga said this now have accounts that are deleted. I guess we can all learn not to mess with the Kardashians when they’re keeping a secret for their Season finale.

8 Did Kylie And Travis Break Up?

There are also rumors that Kylie has broken up with Travis. This rumor is also giving the Tyga rumor steam. Apparently, Kylie was absent from Travis’s NYE performance in Miami. Fans took notice that the reality-star was nowhere to be seen in the VIP area or backstage. It also appears that she didn’t even make a trip to Florida to be with her beau or give him a happy NYE wish on Instagram (as many stars do with their boyfriends). So, what are fans to think? Although, her close friends like Hailey Baldwin were seen ‘dancing in the crowd at Travis’s concert. So, maybe they’re still together as fans have pointed out that Kylie and Travis were seen together at Kris Jenner’s NYE party. However, that’s not stopping insiders from saying that Travis is ‘done’ and considers the two to be incompatible.

7 Has Kylie Been Pregnant Since August? (There’s A Pic)

We’re not going to lie, the picture does make it seem as if Kylie were pregnant. Not only does she have a little bulge on her tummy, but she is also holding her stomach. The picture was posted on her Instagram way back in August and fans speculate that it was her way of showing that she was pregnant. We’re sure that manager Kris, told Kylie to save that news for the big $$$ or their reality TV show. So, Kylie didn’t say a word then and still isn’t saying a thing about it. There have also been other pictures of Kylie pointing to her belly, but this one is the most convincing that she might be expecting. It’s also interesting to note that her chest was a lot smaller in August than it has been appearing in her photos lately.

6 Khloé’s Due Date

Khloé has slowly been revealing gorgeous photos of her baby bump. Yet, one thing that she is not revealing is the date that her baby is due. Honestly, with all the secrecy surrounding her baby, you’d think the Kardashians were the royal family! On Khloé’s Instagram, she did caption that she was 6 months pregnant which means that her due date is sometime around April 10th. Although, Khloé hasn’t officially confirmed anything about whether or not her child will be an Aires. So, fans are just going off of speculation, because as the world has come to realize, the entire Kardashian clan is in on this secret and no one is sharing a thing. I guess we’ll all just have to wait and see when the 33-year-old has us tuning in to KUWTK to finally see when her baby will be born.

5 When Is Tristan Going To Propose?

Just to let you know that if you don’t even have to type in her last name to get results about her supposed engagement on Google. Khloé is on a first named basis with Google, yet even the search engine is confused about whether or not she is engaged to her boyfriend Tristan Thompson. The two have confirmed that they are happily expecting a baby, but they haven’t confirmed that they will be married. Some fans speculate that she has been engaged since March after she posted a photo of a big diamond ring on her finger on her Instagram. Yet, that ring has since disappeared and her fingers have been pretty bare recently. So, what is the reality as far as the engagement rumors are concerned? We’re sure that we’ll all get another bombshell form Khloé in 2018.

4 Is Khloé Having A Girl Or Boy?

Khloé might be willing to let fans know that she’s 6 months pregnant, but she’s not spilling the beans on whether it’s a boy or girl. Even Kim has been less secretive about her children than Khloé is. That hasn’t stopped some magazines such as ‘Us Weekly’ from stating that she is expecting a baby boy. The publication made their claim saying they heard it from an ‘insider’ in September. In October ‘People’ also stated it was a boy. Later in December, ‘Insider’ jumped on the bandwagon and also claimed that Khloé is expecting a boy. Although, Khloé has been tight-lipped about the gender leaving fans to wonder who is telling the truth. We’re sure it’s all just part of Kris’s plan to have us tune into the baby special on KUWTK.

3 What Names Has Khloé Chosen?

Ellen DeGeneres got right down to the hard questions when she had the reality-star on her television show as one of her first guests for the New Year. She asked about Kylie’s food cravings, to which Khloé giggled and responded that she didn’t know what the host meant. Then, Ellen jumped to questions about Khloé’s name choices for her child. “That is the hardest. I mean, I think if it’s a boy, I’ll go with Junior, but I don’t want to do Tristan Jr. For a girl, I don’t even know where to begin.” We’re sure that many fans and publications like ‘People’ took that to mean that she’s expecting a boy, as she hasn’t even thought of a girl’s name. Khloé also stated that she’s unsure whether she wants to do a ‘K’ or ‘T’ name.

2 When Is Her Baby Shower?

As fans have noticed, Khloé looked adorable and stunning at her sis Kim’s baby shower. But, when is Khloé going to have her day celebrating her little bub? After confirming that she is in fact pregnant, Khloé hasn’t given many other details. Like we’ve mentioned, she hasn’t even stated whether she’s having a girl or a boy. So, fans are left to wonder if she will follow in the steps of Kim with a pink and floral themed shower or if she’ll do something with lots of blue hues and airplanes. Her baby bump is growing and so are our questions. She’s already at 6 months, so a baby shower is due to air any day now on KUWTK. We wonder if she’ll go with a gender-neutral hue like yellow at her baby shower just to keep us all guessing.

1 Where Is Khloé Giving Birth?

Obviously, answering the question of where is also a matter of security. Yet, considering that Khloé’s famous sisters have happily shared their birth on television, fans can only expect that Khloé will candidly do the same. Although, we’re still not sure if that means that she’ll give birth in LA where she lives or Cleveland where her boyfriend plays. Or, she might even give birth in Canada, as that’s where Tristan is originally from. Fans should just take a hint from Kris Jenner who joked on the ‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’ that this year she’s saving all the juicy details to be revealed on KUWTK. So, most likely the world won’t know a thing until they tune in to watch her show. What a way to spike ratings. Well, played Kris.

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