Kylie Reconsiders Busy Life And Hires A Nanny

New mom Kylie Jenner has reconsidered how busy her life is and hired a nanny to help with Stormi.

According to People magazine, Jenner originally was adamant she was not going to have outside help with her daughter. She fully intended to rely on friends and family only. The reality star did not want a stranger helping her out with her baby girl. Before giving birth, she had not hired a nanny or even considered hiring one.

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“At first, she only wants Kris and her sisters to help with the baby. She is worried about new people around the baby,” a source close to the family revealed to the magazine.

Now it looks like the 20-year-old has changed her tune about having a nanny. Although she has a very large family, she realized they all have very busy lives. They all have families of their own, so Jenner can’t always count on them.

The Life of Kylie star has been leaning on her mom Kris Jenner since giving birth, but it is not as though the momager can be around 24/7 to help her youngest daughter. Kris has five other kid's careers to manage in order to keep those big bucks rolling in.

As for baby daddy, Travis Scott? He helps out at night, but he too has a burgeoning music career to focus on. Therefore, considering Jenner has her own business to run, it only makes sense she would hire a nanny for Stormi. Kourtney Kardashian and Kim Kardashian West both have multiple nannies for their children. Maybe they were able to convince Kylie she needed to get some help.

Kylie Jenner has reconsidered hiring a nanny to help her with baby Stormi. The first time mom is not unlike other moms who work, and either have a nanny or take their child to daycare. It is admiralable she wanted to do it on her own, but it seriously takes a village even if you are as wealthy and connected as Jenner.

Despite changing her mind about a nanny, the Keeping With The Kardashians star does appear to have adjusted to life as a mom rather quickly. The couple of times she has been spotted out, Jenner looks fabulous, refreshed, a little tired, but very happy.

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