Kylie Jenner Shares Her Fast Food Habits During Pregnancy

Kylie Jenner admits to spending thousands of dollars on fast food during her pregnancy.


Pregnant women are known for eating a lot. Although it is a myth that you are actually supposed to "eat for two" that doesn't stop some women from eating everything that they see. In pregnancy not only do you have strange cravings, but it sometimes feels like you are hungry all the time and can never satisfy your cravings.  Some pregnant women get in the habit of eating junk food, because that is the only thing that they feel like. It is safe to say that pregnancy cravings can cost a little bit more than what you were previously were spending on food.

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When Kylie Jenner was pregnant she took the "fast food cravings" to a whole new level. She admitted that while she was pregnant she spent over $10,000 on fast food. She was constantly craving greasy fatty foods and she splurged a lot during those nine months.

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When Kylie admitted to spending such a high amount on fast food, we were all expecting her fans to start the mom shaming. It's hard to say anything these days without the granola moms out there telling you that you are doing everything wrong. However, when Kylie told her fans about her habit, all of her fans responded in such a great way. People were not shaming her, people were admiring her. One fan wrote, "finally something that I can 100% relate to Kylie Jenner." Another fan said, "you are doing pregnancy right." Of course, there were some negativity and bashing comments, but overall her fans were very supportive.  Most people were actually a little jealous that Kylie has the means to be able to spend so much on fast food. Most people don't have the budget to be able to blow on going out to eat, but we all wish we could.

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Although we may want to eat junk food through our pregnancy, it is also important to note that if you gain too much weight too quickly it can lead to problems. Many women suffer with weight related issues while they are pregnant that can become very serious. So, although eating out every meal is very very tempting. Having a balanced diet, especially during pregnancy, is essential to a healthy and happy baby.

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