Kylie Jenner Gives Fans A Peek​ At Stormi’s Barbie-Themed Playroom

Kylie Jenner gave her fans a peek at Stormi’s Barbie-themed playroom on Monday evening. The 22-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians star posted a series of photos on her Instagram account to give her supporters a sneak peek into her daughter’s lavish room.

Stormi, 1, appears to be a huge fan of the classic and expensive Barbie dolls. One photo showed the toys placed on the floor with a cool convertible car beside them. Another had a Barbie mother and daughter set, with the former pushing the latter in a stroller. Stormi also gets to play a chef in her games with the pink kitchen set toys featuring a mini-fridge, sink, and stoves. Kylie also showed off her prowess in interior design with the skateboards that hang on the wall. The skateboards had polka dot patterns with a variety of colours and sizes to give the pink walls a seamless but bright look.

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The Us Weekly reported that Kylie nearly named her daughter Rose but chose to go with Stormi because she used that to address her when she was pregnant. Kylie incorporated that name in some designs in the room where the neon cloud and lightning bolt on the wall that represent Stormi’s name.

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The reality star also posted snaps showing off the little one’s fashion options with a photo of the closet. There is a designer satchel bag from Louis Vuitton on the top shelf, and Kylie customized it by writing Stormi’s name on it. The one-year-old’s range of colourful and stylish clothes hangs below the top shelf, completing the closet’s fashionable look. The cosmetics mogul spared no change in decorating her daughter’s playroom to ensure the little girl will have the most fun with toys of the highest quality.

She used a combination of style and fun, as shown by the posts of the wooden toys, Barbie dolls, and a toy car to fill the colorful and spacious room. The wardrobe reflects Kylie and her daughter's tastes when it comes to fashion.

Many fans know the love Kylie has for her daughter and appreciated that she gave them a glance into Stormi’s playroom. The snaps reflected the high life that the toddler enjoys when spending time to play by herself, with her friends or with her mother. Some can use the posts as an inspiration for designing their own children’s playrooms.

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