Kylie Jenner Singing "Rise & Shine" To Baby Stormi Has The Whole Internet Laughing

Kylie Jenner from Kylie Cosmetics was turned into a viral sensation when she went into her daughter's room and sang "rise and shine." People thought the way she sang to her daughter was hilarious and she instantly became the next joke.

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Kylie made a Youtube video that took us all on a tour of her home office where she does her work for her makeup line Kylie Cosmetics. Her office is just as extravagant as you would have expected. She has a champagne vending machine with the Kylie Cosmetics brand on them. She even has m&m's with her own face on them because, why not? She ends her office tour by walking into her daughter Stormi's room and she full-on busts out the most amazing solo that people can't even stop laughing about! She sings "rise and shine" to her daughter that is very cringe-worthy!

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The internet lost their minds because of Kylie going into Stormi's room and singing "rise and shine" as if she is auditioning for something. People started taking the sound clip and adding it to fun things. One person added the sound clip to be their ring tone. People could not stop laughing about how funny it was that she walked into the child's room and sang like that to her daughter. Her sound clip has thousands of comments and many of those comments are people adding their own little twists to it!

We are so happy that Kylie was able to laugh at herself about the whole situation. Kyle shares a photo of herself as a sun. She is smiling in the photo and she says that no caption is needed. For anybody that has followed the story and is active on social media probably already knows what she is referring to. Many of her commenters wrote laughing emojis or just commented by saying "hahahah" and then other people commented by saying, "rise and shine." We are so happy that Kylie took this with such great stride and she was able to make fun of herself a little bit.

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