Kylie Jenner Spends $400 000 On Security Each Month For Her & Stormi

Reality TV star and businesswoman Kylie Jenner spends $400 000 USD on security each month for her and daughter Stormi. Caitlyn Jenner made this revelation about her daughter on the Thursday, November 28th, 2019 episode of the U.K survival reality series, I’m a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!

Caitlyn, 70, talked about the need for security for her family members due to the fame that they have. She admitted that Kylie, 22, spent between $300 000 and $400 000 in a month on security when responding to Cliff Parisi. The contestants were openly discussing the fame of Jenner's family when Parisi asked her if the members had security wherever they went.

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Hollywood Life reported that Caitlyn revealed that her daughter doesn't spare any change when it comes to ensuring her and Stormi's safety. She also added that security does indeed follow them everywhere they go.

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Caitlyn added that she felt sad about the situation where her children (Kylie in particular) require so much security wherever they went. Nonetheless, she noted that her kids like security personnel and were already used to their presence since fame meant that they've used them for a long time.

Kylie spending a ton of money to ensure her family’s safety reflects the danger that's associated with fame. Many people may look at her lifestyle and social status and envy her without even realizing the difficulty that comes with it. Being as famous as her family is (as well as becoming a self-made billionaire at her age) comes with adverse effects. For instance, it makes her a target for people with malice. That's why Kylie not only wants but needs to spend that kind of money to ensure her and Stormi's safety. The more money and fame a person has, the more danger he or she may face- and therefore, the more he or she requires heavy protection.

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