Kylie Jenner's Bodyguard Is NOT Stormi's Father

Kylie Jenner's bodyguard is officially denying that he is the father of her child, Stormi Webster.

The internet rumor mill has been churning out speculation that Kylie Jenner's bodyguard, Tim Chung, is the father of her newborn baby, Stormi. Social media commentators were questioning the infant's paternity by claiming that she resembled Chung more than her father, Travis Scott.


Chung, however, has had enough. The bodyguard took to Instagram this weekend to clear the air.

He stated, "I am a very private person and would normally never answer gossip and stories that are so ridiculous that they are laughable. Out of deep respect for Kylie, Travis, their daughter together and their families, I would like to set the record straight and say that my interactions with Kylie and her family have been limited in strictly a professional capacity only. There is no story here and I ask that the media no longer include me in any narrative that is incredibly disrespectful to their family".

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Social media users were citing photos that Kylie had posted on her accounts, claiming that Stormi physically resembled Chung more than Travis Scott. The Kardashian/Jenner family has yet to comment on the speculation.

Chung's Instagram post was not enough for fans, who were quick to jump to the conclusion that he was paid off. One user stated, "That's exactly what you want us to think". Another mused, "Lmao, Kris Jenner wrote this my dude. The baby is the spittin image of you. Stop lyin and denyin bro".

Jenner gave birth to daughter Stormi on February 1st, and has been keeping fans up to date with her journey through motherhood. Her Instagram feed is filled with photos of herself and Stormi, and her captions suggest that she is settling into being a mother quite nicely.

Kylie Jenner and her boyfriend, Travis Scott, don't seem too concerned about the rumors circulating about their baby's paternity. The couple was just spotted at the Met Gala affectionately posing for the cameras. In Kylie's first jaunt down the red carpet since giving birth, the new mama looked relaxed and in love.

Jenner, 20, and Scott, 26, have been dating since spring of last year. A source told PEOPLE, “Kylie and Travis are doing great. There’s no drama with Travis. He’s a cool guy”.

It is pretty safe to assume that the internet has yet again created a scandal where there looks to be none.


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