Minnesota Restaurant Advertising 'Labor Inducing' Burger A Hit Among Pregnant Women

A restaurant in Minnesota has named one of its burgers the 'Labor Inducer' and pregnant woman past their due date are rushing there to give it a go.

When women first discover they're pregnant, they will usually pay a doctor and/or a midwife a visit. During that visit, the medical professional in question will estimate when exactly the baby will be due. A day to work towards roughly nine months into the future, depending on when exactly you discovered that you're pregnant.

What can't be stressed enough at this point if you haven't had a baby before is that your due date is a very rough estimate. Only about 4% of babies actually end up arriving on that day. Doctors say to expect the little one two weeks before or two weeks after that day. If your baby comes in those first two weeks, great! If he or she still hasn't arrived by the end of the second two weeks, chances are you'll be getting pretty fed up of being pregnant.

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At that point, women will likely be trying anything and everything safe in an attempt to induce labor. We had heard of eating spicy food, a common but unproven method, but never a burger. The Suburban in Minnesota has a burger on its menu that has been dubbed the "Labor Inducer" reports Good Morning America, and it has been living up to its name.

One of the restaurant's owners ate a slider version of the burger one week before her due date. She enjoyed it so much that she asked the chef to make her a full-size version. Hours later, she was in labor, and thus the Labor Inducer was born. The burger has lived up to its name since then too. Katy Engler tried the burger after being told by her doctor that she was still nowhere near going into labor and her contractions started hours later.

The ingredients of the burger are an Angus patty topped with honey-cured bacon, American cheese, caramelized onions, and a couple of spicy sauces on top. Those who believe spicy foods are a surefire way to get labor started might point to the condiments as to why the Labor Inducer does, in fact, induce labor. Whatever it is, something in that tasty-sounding burger seems to be having quite the effect on heavily pregnant women.

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