Lady Gaga Talks About How She'll Bond With Her Future Kids Through Makeup

Lady Gaga has motherhood on the brain!

Amidst all the speculation over Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s rumoured romance- including talk that they might want babies together- the pop singer recently admitted that she’s already thinking of her future children. Specifically, she often thinks of the ways she hopes to bond with her kids when she eventually has them.

During a new interview with Allure, the Star Is Born actress said she wants to have as close a bond with her own kids as she did with her mom, Cynthia Germanotta. She says her mother was one of the first people to help foster her love of beauty and fashion.

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“I’ve always been really close to my mom,” the 33-year-old explained. “When I was a little girl, I was just fascinated with her morning beauty ritual. I would wake up and I would see her getting ready for work.” She added, “She would apply her foundation, her lipstick, her mascara. She would look so, so beautiful and so strong […] it was so inspiring to me.”

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Regardless if she has a son or daughter, Gaga said she hopes to be able to bond with them over the same thing. “I really hope that when I have maybe a little girl one day, or a little boy, and they see Mommy put her makeup on, that they have the same experience that I did,” she continued. “That’s the greatest gift of all, when you can connect with your parents.”

This isn’t the first time Gaga has revealed her desire to have a family in the future. As far back as 2013, the songstress discussed her eventual plans to become a mom. “I really want to have a family, and I really want to nurture my children,” she previously told SiruisXM. “To be honest, having my own kids will be like having three little monsters with me all the time. They probably won’t be fans.”

However, Gaga has since revealed her road to motherhood may not be an easy one, given her health complications. The star has lived with the chronic illness fibromyalgia for years, which causes severe pain. She also had a hip operation in the past that could complicate childbirth.

In her Netflix documentary Gaga: Five Foot Two, she opened up about her fears. “I know I think I can get pregnant, but what are my hips going to do?” she told the cameras. “I just want to go on tour and have a family. I never get it all right. My love life has imploded.” The star added that she couldn’t imagine having children without a partner.

At the moment, Gaga is very much single, after having broken up with her fiancée Christian Carino earlier this year. Prior to that, the star was briefly engaged to actor Taylor Kinney. So, while it may be a while before the star feels ready to start a family, based on her comments, she’ll definitely have a few little monsters in the future.

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